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Hi all,

I am banging my head against the wall deciding between these screens. I still haven't decided between the Runco 200xi, Sony VW95es and Sony HW50es, although I am leaning toward the Runco. My room will be mostly light controlled, I plan on painting the walls a dark red and the ceiling a dark blue. There will be one window in the viewing room 20ft directly opposite the screen (pictured) however, I plan to put blinds and a curtain on it to block the light. Seating distance will be 10ft from my planned 110" screen and the projector will be ceiling mounted at 15ft away.

I was nearly sold on the FireHawk until I read a review that said if you were on the boarder of the suggested throw range (1.6x screen width) to go with the SST instead. So then I was ready to make the order for the STT until I read several reviews where people were sensitive to the screen texture which caused 'sparkling'. So that brought me to the StudioTek however my concern with this is that even the stray light that passes through my window blinds/curtains may be too much and wash the image.

So my question is 1) FireHawk vs SST (projector will be mounted 15ft from screen)? 2) Will my room be too bright for the StudioTek even with blinds + curtain window treatment?

Thanks for your advice!

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