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We have just moved to a new home and I am considering all options to make my living room TV viewing better.

I have attached a photo of how the previous homeowner arranged their living room. The TV is a 50" and my 50" old plasma is just too big for that space, so I will have to purchase a TV that will fit. Here's the dilemma.

The TV cubby has a cubby width of 48" and the outer edge lip is about 1"; which makes the opening plenty big for a newer 50" TV. However, I am considering options of placing a 55" although I know that the width of them is about 1/2" too wide for that cubby; so I am considering other options. These are, place an articulating mount on the back of the cubby and have the TV "free float" outside the cubby, place boarda across the cubby and mount the TV to them so that it sits flush with the outside of the cubby, mount the TV on the left wall and redirect everything there (nothing but large windows on the right) or settle for the 50" just like it is set up.

Other factors, the first place sticks out about 8" further than the cubby making the angle from the left side poor; you cannot see the left side of the TV where the chair on the left sits, I could mount to the fire place but I would really rather not do that.

I'm just looking for ideas from people who have been in this situation and what they decided to do. I do have (just purchased) TV stand what will fit in that space to hold the components.

Thanks in advance