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VSB200 Soundbar Advice

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This is my first post and I'm sure this has been hashed out before but I have a Vizio VSB200 sound bar with a monoprice subwoofer and I can't for the life of me figure out why the sub won't work.

I have a basic rca y cable running from the sub to the sound bar and when I touch the cable to the sound bar I can hear the sub distortion, yet when I plug it in I get nothing. I've tried two different cables with the same result but I have to imagine this is a simple solution that I'm just not seeing. Thanks for any help!
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Are you using the sub out from the vsb200?
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The output level of your soundbar may not be sufficient to drive the Sub. Before you find that out, are you using a powered or unpowered sub? that's important to know. If it's unpowered you'll have to use an external power amplifier to hear anything. If it's active speaker that doesn't need a power amp, look at the input sensitivity rating on the sub. You might find that the output of your soundbar is not enough to move the speaker enough to even hear it.
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Yes I am using the sub out connection on the sub and yes it is a powered sub. Literally when i plug in the cord, the sub will chirp at me before its all the way plugged in.

The input sensitivity is 2Vrms max and the frequency response is 60Hz-20kHz. The frequency response on the sub is 50Hz-250Hz.

The thing is, I know other people have successfuly paired these two components, I just can't figure out what the issue is here.
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Is it a refurbished unit? Maybe an issue with the output jack?
The powered sub I use only has one sub input. I think yours has a red/white. Shouldn't be an issue if using the proper cable. I might even try just plugging the cable into one of the sub inputs just to hear if it might make a difference. Sorry, I can't be more helpful.
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This might seem silly.. make sure you are plugged into LINE IN of sub, not line out. Also, have you adjusted gain control on the sub?
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