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Longridge Cinema and lobby build

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These were taken last year. The lobby and theater are complete (Although now I'm reworking my theater columns), so I'll get finished photos up another time.

Entrance to the theater through double doors on left.

Another view of the candy display. Enough stuff in there to rot the kids teeth right out of their heads.

And I still haven't put my under counter beverage cooler in the spot on the left. I have one picked out, but just haven't bought it yet.

A look down the stairs before my runner was put on. For this I just sanded the hell out of the pine stairs that came with the house, and stained as close as possible to the floors in the basement.

And with lights on.
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Nice, those steps have a serious shine to them.
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It does look that way in the picture, but I only coated the stain with a satin finish. might just be the photo
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Here are some earlier construction pictures

Riser, with lighting installed, connected to the Lutron control, and waiting for carpet.

Screen wall. I had toyed with the idea of making the screen 110 inch (It's 100), but given the depth of my room the rear row would have had an obscured view toward the bottom of the screen, unless I made the riser 12''. I made the riser 10'' and with a ceiling height of 7.5 feet, it was tight enough as it was. Oh well. Maybe in my next house.

Went with 100 inch white Carada, and the Epson Powerlite Pro Cinema 9500UB, which is a serious light canon.
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Forgot I had these photos.

This is the framing around the rear left side of the theater. I had to do a bump out of about a foot on the last 3 feet from the rear due to the PVC pipe. I did a similar bump out on the other side, just to keep things symmetric.

Riser taking shape. This was of course filled with batting before I secured the top. The cement wall in behind the rear wall is the start of my crawl space. When I bought the house in 2003 I was given the opportunity for a full basement or half. A full was $10k more. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! I opted for the half, never thinking I would do something like this. What I wouldn't give for that extra space.

This is the rear again with the area that will hold the projector. With ceiling at 7.5 feet, I didn't want a ceiling mount. Plus, I'm able to get into the crawl from the other side of the basement for access to the rear of the projector.

This is looking into the entrance of the theater, where my double maple doors would eventually go. The entrance way is about 2 feet deep, which I purposely made that deep to close in the steel beam. I then used that causeway, which I can access from the crawl, to run all the wires from my media closet (on right) over the doorway, between the walls, and around to the back of the theater. Everything is pretty much supper easy access.

This is the media closet to the right, outside the entrance way. I first designed it with a slider, but trashed it in favor of just rolling the rack out. Notice the over sized gang box, ready for the Lutron connections.

There's the one foot bump out (or is it bump in?) on the other side. Notice the cut outs on the stairs. My initial plan was to install stair lights, but I didn't care for how it looked and I spent the extra money for the vinyl theater lighting strips along the edges.

Rear wall with opening for projector and speakers. I was indecisive on whether to make the theater (given it's size) a 5.1 and omit the rears, or 7.1. I ended up with 7.1 dipole Axioms.

Maple doors are hung and I couldn't resist putting the new Mid Atlantic rack into it's reserved spot ahead of time.
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Pre build planning phase.

Early framing, looking out of the theater room.

Left the sand in the bags as all I needed to be sure of was that they were squeezed between the framing.

Front end. On second thought, I probably could have gone with a bigger screen by eliminating the soffit can lights, and narrowing the speaker cabinets. Live and learn.

Rear, with future home for the projector.

Thought about built in side speakers. Tossed that idea.
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Lobby Area

Theater entrance

Also built my own lighted movie poster frame. Definite $$ savings.
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And now I'm reworking my maple columns. Wasn't thrilled with the original design, so I'm making them a little more fancy. It will include crown molding to meet the soffit and the crown will wrap around the room where the wall and soffit meet.

After I redo all the columns I will have to redo all my acoustic panels as well.

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Could you let me know your room dimensions? All I caught for sure was 7.5: ceiling height.
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It would be considered a small theater. 16x12, with the rear of the theater pinched down to 10 feet wide.
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