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Hi there,

I uploaded the DMM2.0 beta on : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r7g8evhq3cztd20/5gCluKlLGM
You'll find the installation zip and user manual.
WebApp is not yet available and the old one won't work

Keep your current DMM separate and work possibly on a smaller menu first.
If you test the CUE SHEETS you might notice that the when you play a song for the first time you'll get a "format not supported" msg. Just wait few secs and the song should play.

Be indulgent as for sure there are still many bugs.
I suggest you to report your feedbacks/issues/etc directly to me by email (albertocasale@yahoo.com)

Thanks for helping me with the tests

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1st Note for the beta testers
  • DMC won't work correctly with the same settings as before. You need to tell DMC to point to your_Menu_Folder/000_Home
  • I forgot to mention in the user manual how to add/edit playlists and collections. You need to show the library pane (button to the far right of the toolbar). Then you pick from the dropdown list Playlists or Collections and finally click on the button to the right showing a musical note or an album. You'll then see the tool to create playlists/collections. Click [+] to create a new item
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otreblaelasac hi


I start using your new DMM 2.0!


I'm changing some fields in the template, it is possible to hide the blue line field boxes like in previous versions?


thanks for your exceptional work!

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To hide the blue rectangles of the template you can simply hide the template controls by clicking again the corresponding botton on the toolbar on the top right.

If you'd prefer to have the template controls open and be able to hide the zones, I can add a button/checkbox in the Options tab.

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No need to do that, tks.

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after few iterations and great help from you, here is a new (hopefully) stable beta release, v2.0.9
This version is complete for a TV/remote or DMC usage. It DOES NOT work with the old DMM Web App and there is not yet the DMM Web App 2.0.

What's new since the initial 2.0.0 beta:
  • Updated user manual
  • Menu configuration: added the parameter "Dune Music Folder" (as in 1.2.8 ). This is useful (ONLY) when you have an exact copy of your library on your PC while the Dune access the content stored, e.G. on a NAS. To speed up the analysis you can tell DMM to analyse the files on your PC but you also need to tell it where the Dune will find the content.
  • Performance improvements: UI refresh, Startup, Export, ... are now much faster; is it noticeable in particular on big database
  • Added an option to "Export only for the DMM WebApp" (DMC still needs the standard export, full or incremental). This feature will make the export much much faster but you won't be able to have a usable TV menu
  • Browsing by Folders: now DMM uses any valid image it finds in a folder and it composites it with the folder icon
  • Valid image names: now customisable in the xml option menu
  • Templates: added the option on the album page to add below the song title, the artist and composer names
  • Support for png images for album and genre covers
  • Great new version of the DuneScope template from THXjay. A big thank !

Talking about templates, DMM has many options to choose from, each template it comes out of the box with its own selection of options. You can change them all
and adapt any template to your tastes

Hope you'll enjoy the new DMM
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when I try top open the exported library on my dune I get the error "empty". After removing the empty line at the beginning of the file
dune_folder.txt it works. However, all the created dune_folder.txt files have an empty line at the beginning....

Why is that?

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that's weird as it has always been like that since quite a while (the empty line).
If you exported your menu in a folder called, e.g; DMM, you'll have a dune_folder.txt there that is just a jump to the folder 000_Home the menu actually starts there.

when you remove the empty line in DMM/dune_folder.txt what does it happen ?
To follow up on this more effectively, could you send me an email (albertocasale@yahoo.com) ?
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I'm currently at work so I have to reply here...
I have tested version 1.2.8 which shows the same error.
Whenever there's an empty line in the root folder of the library in dune_folder.txt I'll get the error "empty" when I open that directory on my dune.
When I remove the empty line the library opens as expected.
I have also tested yadis with my dune and it works. Yadis always has the following first line in the dune_folders.txt files:
When I replace that line with a blank line I get the same error with the yadis library.

My player is a Dune HD Base 3D

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Ok, let see.
I uploaded at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r7g8evhq3cztd20/5gCluKlLGM
a new version of the program DuneMusicManager 2.0.9a_beta.exe which puts the same line as Yadis at the beginning. Simply drop the file in your DMM folder and run it instead of the older one.
I'm not home, so I couldn't test it on TV. If some of you had this problem of empty screens let me know if this fixes the issues. Let me of course also know if by any chances this change creates an issue smile.gif

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I uploaded an updated version of DMM 2.0.x beta. It fixes few bugs (UI, export, rescan, etc.)
You can either install the full pack or, if you did already install 2.0.9, simply drop the new exe file in your existing DMM 2.0.9 installation folder (in this you might need to slightly adjust some template, if you don't want to do that install the full pack).
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I just wanted to give you some feedback:
Problem solved with 2.0.9a_beta.exe smile.gif

Thanx a lot for the fix and keep up the great work !

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Hi there
I uploaded a new beta that fixes few bugs.


Any remaining problem let me know.
If you already have installed the 2.0.9g you could download just the new exe

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My apologies for the (too) many versions I'm posting (a new one just now).
If you are trying a beta of DMM 2.0 and having errors/issues, please check first the dropbox location to see if there is a newer version


One comment. If your db is BIG then you might see that DMM is taking time at start up. I'm looking into making this step faster even for big databases.
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after playing around a little, it seems in the album view the artist picture is always the picture of the artist of the first track.
This doesn't give the desired result with "Various Artists" albums. For those albums the picture of the artist "Various Artists"
should be shown and not the picture of the 1st track's artist.

Any way to fix this?

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if you just rely on what DMM does at scan then you'll have as an artist picture
- a local picture in the artist folder. That'll only work if your library is organised in Artist\Album\Songs and will only work for single artist for an album
- the cover of the first album belonging to that artist (what you experienced)

Of course you can change artist pictures. How ?
1) using "Scrape Images" action. This way DMM will go out on the internet and automatically search for various type of images
2) using "Change Images" action. This way you'll have an image search tool which you can use to search and set covers, pictures, backgrounds for albums, artists, genres

So to have a dedicated "Various Artists" picture you can use method 1) or 2)


BTW, I should be able to post 2.0.11 beta tomorrow the latest. This iteration brings
- DuneScope templates French version
- Bug Fixes
- Add a small Remote Control window to manage navigation with the mouse (home, back, pg up/down)
- faster start up, significant in particular for big databases
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I'm sorry but I think you misunderstood.
I already have a dedicated "Various Artists" picture.

My problem is, that for compilations (Album Artist: Various Artists) this picture will not show in the album view.
Instead the picture of the first track artist will show, which is incorrect.

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Are talking about Album page in the "DJ_01" or "MusicScope (CD Cover and Artist)" templates ?
I checked and Indeed this is what happens and ... it is a bug. I've now corrected it and it will present in tomorrow 2.0.11 beta version
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Yes exactly. I'm using the Tribute2Music template though...

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As said previously a new beta (2.0.11) is available at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r7g8evhq3cztd20/5gCluKlLGM
You can do a fresh install and recreate your menu or simply take the new exe and put it in your DMM folder

  • Bug Fixes
  • Revised User Manual
  • DuneScope templates French version. Under the Templates folder. Download the zip and unzip in your DMM MyMusic\Templates folder
  • Added a small Remote Control window to manage navigation with the mouse (home, back, pg up/down)
  • Faster start up, significant in particular for big databases

This version is certainly not bug-free but seems quite stable to me. For those who will try it, in case of errors proceed as follow
  • edit the file DuneMusicManager_Options.xml
  • put True
  • run again DMM
  • send me (albertocasale@yahoo.com) the file log.txt (DMM root folder)

Did anyone tested CUE-based albums ? I could do only limited tests on my side. Does it work as expected, any remark, suggestions ?

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