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Denon 2313CI Volume Issues

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I'm having some problems with my Denon receiver following running the Audyssey setup. For some reason, when I use different sound fields I have to turn the volume up as loud as it will go. For example, when watching a movie or TV show from my XBMC, I can turn it up to what I consider a "normal" volume (-30dB) for my viewing room. But when I switch to music, which is normally just stereo sound, I have to turn it up all the way (+18dB) to get something I can hear. I've been through the settings about 10 times now and can't figure out where the problem lies. Any ideas?

If I can't nail it down, is there a way to factory reset the receiver?
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This sounds like a setup issue. Have you run the Audyssey setup?

To reset the processor:

1 Turn off the power using ON/STANDBY.
2 Press ON/STANDBY while simultaneously pressing PRESET CHANNEL 2 and
3 Once the display starts flashing at intervals of about 1 second, release the two buttons.
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Yes. Actually this started right after running the Audyssey setup. Everything was fine before running the setup.
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You can turn off the Audyssey processing while in stereo mode. Use Direct or Pure Direct mode.
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With Audyssey enabled, and reference volume set to 0db, you should never have to raise the master volume above that level (nor is it recommended to ensure there is sufficient headroom available for peaks). Do you have a sub in your setup and if yes, are all speakers set to SMALL with a minimum of an 80Hz crossover?

Also note there is a dedicated thread for Denon AVR-XX13 Owners linked in my sig. Review posts #3-6 for more helpful information.
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