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7.1 worth it for me??

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I just re did my garage it's 18x18 feet.

Fully carpeted and insulated. I did this for my 3 small boys, it's their bedroom as well. The theater is not directly center wall but over to one side.

I'm using a older bkavr507 7.1.

Speakers are lsi polks 4ohm with a older SVS PC ultra sub..

I'm tempted to buy another 2 rears to complete my 7.1.

My surrounds now are directly to the sides of the listener.. Polk lsifx di and bi.

I use a ps3 soon to be ps4

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IF your seating is 5-6 feet away from the back wall, then 7.1 will work in that room (i.e., there will be enough separation between the side speakers and rear speakers to make 7.1 worth it).
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Yeah I would say there is about 7 feet to the back wall.. One surround now is probably 5 feet away from our left ear and the other 10.. Just to give you an example of how its not perfectly center..

Would my older b&k which is 7.1 see a true Dolby 7.1 mastered track ? They didn't have true 7.1 blu rays then , I also use optical cable not hdmi.
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If you have the room for the two rear speakers, 7.1 is worth it as it makes both movies and music more immersive. wink.gif
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There are only 2 ways to get HD audio like Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD MA: 1) HDMI (preferred) 2) analog audio inputs from your blu-ray player into the AVR (the blu-ray would be doing the decoding BUT then you can't use the bass management from your AVR).

So now it looks like you should get a new AVR which IMO would be well worth it to get HDMI connectivity and HD Audio support. So maybe you want to spend your money there before you invest in 2 rear surround speakers.
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That's my problem!! I was thinking about it but the bk amps and sound quality are still better then most today without spending another 2k plus or more that I don't have right now..

Plus running all these 4ohm speakers I would most likely need a sep amp..

But yes I would love to upgrade ..

The onkyo 929 looks ok at 1100 and they said I could run all at 4ohm .. But then others say not to..
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Guess ill stick with 5.1 till I get enough to buy a new receiver
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