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New To The Projector World, Need Suggestions On Set Up

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I just moved into a new house and I'm in the process of finishing the basement. In considering what type of TV to get, I thought bigger is always better, so why not go with a projector. My thought was to buy a projector, mount it to the ceiling, paint the wall white, and then probably by some trim, paint it black, and frame my painted area. So, here are my questions:
1. What type of projector should I get? I want 1080p, but I want to keep my cost at or around $1,000.
2. What do I use to paint the screen? I saw some "goo" but it was crazy expensive. Any suggestions on paint brand?
3. I'm new to this whole projector thing, any tips, suggestions, pointers or things I should know or should avoid?

Thanks for the help.
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#1 - Go read here: http://www.avsforum.com/f/68/digital-projectors-under-3-000-usd-msrp
#2 - This is the right forum to ask this question. Someone will answer but you should do some reading as well.
#3 - Same as #1.

After reading some you'll get an idea for the questions that need to be answered and the information that has to be provided to get the best help around here. You are approaching this right by asking the questions before you get started. Proper planning goes a long way towards a successful setup.

READ, READ, READ... then read some more.

Welcome to the forums!
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If the OP / TS wants to avoid a brain numbing experience, he can "One Stop" right here.

We deal with a multitude of PJs, matching the PJ to the screen, to the Room, to the expected usage. And always, budget and work ethic both must be considered.

Not sayin' mind you, that education isn't a valued thing....but it's obvious that the TS / OP has to start from veritable scratch...and that can be a daunting task. For some, even a put off,

So here is a list of considerations for him to.....consider. wink.gif

  • Is the room to be dedicated to Movie watching, or include general TV / Gaming?
  • What are the Dimensions of the room? Ceiling Height? Proposed seating?
  • What color scheme will the Wall / Ceiling fall under (...a darker Ceiling REALLY can help with both PJ choice & performance..)
  • How big of a Screen do you hope for? (...such can coincide with the answers to all of the above...and the PJ chosen...)
  • Where in respect to the PJ's proposed location is your A/V equipment to be?
  • Is the Basement Ceiling in a "Framed State"...or is it Dry Walled / Drop Ceiling'ed already
  • Are there already existing Lights, and if so what type / how many / location? Include Windows / Walk Out openings.
  • How proficient in the Realm of DIY'ism are you?

With a complete list of answers, the TS / OP will get a definitive choice to make based of specific recommendations. We are essentially unbiased, owning to the need to match up all concerns and considerations to arrive at a "Best Case" scenario. In a very real sense, DIY Screens tends to combine everything involved in three different forums:
  1. Home Theater Builder
  2. PJ s < > 3K
  3. DIY Screens

It's what we do and what we are all about.
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