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The box I'm talking about uses no computer. You can still edit/archive on your Maggie if you want. This is just a cheap, easy way to record HD.

I have 2 and they work pretty well but their major limitation is you cannot record one event while playing another and it's clock strictly relies on PSIP(no manual override). It's QAM reception is also kind of "odd" like the Maggies and I read lots of stories from QAM users who says their TV can get the channels but not the iView, sound familiar.......biggrin.gif You can easily hook it's USB HDD to your PC or PLAY on the iView and record to your Maggy via composite(sadly no S-video out) but it has all the other outputs including component and HDMI.
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In the last two weeks our local Comcast operation (Portland Oregon metro area) has scrambled all the locals and the last few remaining clear QAM services. Now it's a DTA, converter box or DVR. There's no free ride even for those that had complimentary basic cable due to having Comcast's high speed internet service.

In the coming week I'll be setting up antennas for a few affected family members.

It's time to go to Staples and buy a new box of 1,000 antennas. The antennas come folded up but they're easy to unfold for use:

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for helping me understand and solve the Comcast issues. I went the route suggested by blust2 and purchased the WineGuard antenna and splitter from Home Depot.

And isn't the HD glorious! The clearness of the picture amazes me! I'm back to the point where I can record my tv shows, and the occasional Letterman or Leno episode for the musical guest. This is mainly what I need right now. I never had 100's of channels, so I can continue to live with what I have.

I'm just working on positioning the antenna, as once in awhile I get the digital glitches from the signal dropout. I think I can make this all work fine though.

Surely it will be a happy day when I return the cable box back to my Comcast office! They are in a tiny 2-person storefront in a very low key, almost unmarked, building. They sit behind a counter and 2 inch thick glass, like a secure bank. They aren't the friendliest bunch of people!! Zoom and crop picture??? HMMMM, no sir, that's YOUR tv!! I guess they are mainly there so the older population of the town can pay their bills in person. Or maybe there is some town law that requires there to be a physical office in the towns they support?
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