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85" Plus TVs

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I know a lot is changing. Is there any speculation on when decent 85" TVs will be around at semi-reasonable pricing? I saw the Samsung 85" 4K TV at Harrods in London and it was amazing, but not worth the price of a new car.
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For 1080p we are pretty much there. The following Vizio 80" has an MSRP of $4k.

For 4K it may be a few years. At the moment none of the Chinese LCD panel suppliers are shipping anything greater than 80" with the exception of CSOT's 110" monster.
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The 84" TVs are likely to be coming in bigger quantities soon as some older 42" capacity gets either completely or partly repurposed to making 84" sets. (You really need very little capacity to move over, since demand for TVs that big is really small and capacity for TVs that small is really quite gigantic.)

110" will follow, but again, the bigger issue is tiny demand, not ability to create them.
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I read somewhere to get the full effect of 4K at a seating distance of 9 feet that you needed to have a TV screen size of 127 inches!

i know there are all kinds of charts out there and I'm sure it will take many years for TV sizes to grow larger and for people to buy larger and larger sizes.

I think the one thing that is certain is that when it comes to 4K buy the largest size you possibly can.

I think the other thing that is certain is that with the large sizes needed for complete enjoyment of 4K resolution is that 8K simply isn't going to happen in the home.

They'll improve 4K for centuries!

I can forsee a day when 110 inch 4K will sell at the levels that 65-inch sets sell today--I think that will happen in 2032!

DVD will end in 2031!
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