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Looking for wireless HDMI and wireless USB for connections between computer and HDTV. I currently have my PC connected to my 63 inch plasma via wires. But that means the PC has to be next to the TV in a way, with wires. I'd like to move the PC to another room, upstairs. I don't want to drill holes in the floor or walls. I'd like theHDMI cable be wireless from my graphics card to the HDTV which is currently a HDMI cable running between the two, which also sends audio over the cable, as I use an AMD graphics card.

I also use a mouse and keyboard that is wireless but the reciever for the mouse and keyboard needs to be connected to my PC via USB. So I'd need a wireless USB cable too.

Anyone else have this set-up? And, how much am I looking at here to get the HDMI and USB wireless cables?

So I have currently two cables running to the TV room, an HDMI cable and a USB cable (that doesn't connect to TV but is near-by to receive the signal of my wireless mouse and keyboard), so I can use the HDTV as a monitor for my computer which I want upstairs.

Does this make sense?

I switching from a wire set-up to a wireless set-up.