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Projector newbie. Help!!

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Onkyo TX-NR609, Cerwin Vega VS-100, Cerwin Vega CMX-25C, Insignia IS- SP3WAY( Height), Polk Audio PSW505 Sub, #2 Sub Polk Audio(not in pic) PSW505 #3 Sub Polk PSW10 (not in pic) , Cerwin Vega XLS-6 Surrounds ( not in pic) Samsung PN45042C, Sony BDP S590 , WDTV LIVE, Roku 3Need some opinions and answers to some general simple questions about projectors. This is my current setup in my living room. I am considering projectors to get a larger screen due to the space limits of the cabinet my current display is in. This cabinet was custom built when we had the house built. As you can see it will only accommodate a 42" inch screen or maybe slightly larger with my A/V gear in the cabinet. It is also a little low. So without just demolishing the cabinet as I would like to leave it there this is what I am considering.

What I am considering is this screen on top of the cabinet. This is for the spousal acceptance factor due to the passthrough opening into the kitchen and it's portability. Considered hanging a screen but the spousal acceptance factor is in play there.


And this projector.


#-1. Will the screen be too high on top of the cabinet?

#2- How far back would the projector have to be to project onto the 84 inch screen? Approximate is ok as this will not be a mounted unit.

#3- Will the projector have to project from below the screen surface or equal to the height of the screen?

I am just looking at this option now and I am completely new to Home Theater projection. Some of the threads are just so long they take hours to read. I am looking for some quick opinions to either rule this idea out or rule it in for me. If some of you can point me to some link elsewhere in this forum to help me get educated that would be appreciated also. Thanks in advance. I know this is the place for good quality answers.

If there is a more appropriate forum for this to be in please move it to the proper forum.

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I think you have a lot of compromises you have to make when you go with a front projection setup in that space. Keep in mind that this would only be available for after dark viewing and the placement location would make mounting the projector fairly difficult.

The W1070, with an 84" screen must have the lens between 7' and 9'2" from the screen (no more, no less) and the projector must be placed at about the bottom edge of the projected image, up to a few inches below if right side up, or must be placed even with the top of the screen to a few inches above the top if invert (ceiling) mounted.


If it were me, I would likely look into what it would take to change the built in so it would accommodate a much larger display. While it may be some work, and kind of messy, it would still likely allow for a 60"-70" display in the space rather easily. As it is, the opening looks like it could handle a modern 50"+ display if properly mounted.

Front projection is great, but it really has a 'place'. Family room setups can be interesting, but ambient light runs rampant, which means this would be for after hours viewing only, and would be rather high, while aesthetically impacting the space a fair bit.

While it is not my recommendation to go front projection in the space, it is your decision. There are some ways to get the most out of this type of setup, but all of them would still require some construction work to do well I would think.
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Thanks for the reply A/V. I was a little afraid it would not work . Ambient light is even an issue with my plasma. I had to cover the sidelight of my front door with plywood to cut down on direct reflection off the screen during daylight hours and keep the blinds shut on the big sliding glass door off to the left of my setup. I think I could get a 50" display in that space but I might have to move all the gear out of the cabinet. eek.gif As it is now the AVR is actually behind the display off to the left and it actually works. I just can't see the display of the AVR but I don't really need to anyway. Thanks for your thoughts. Back to the idea thinking board. cool.gif
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