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choosing between 47LM8600 and 55LM8600

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Hi guys,

I have been eyeing on the 55LM8600 for long, and now it is available at a discount.

The local LG showroom dealer quoted a final price of Rs. 1,61,0000/-,i.e., 2555$.

He also told me that he could get me a 47LM8600 for a price of Rs. 78,000, i.e., 1238$

The difference between the two screens' sizes comes down to 7.7"
55 => 54.6" screen
47 => 46.9" screen

Is it really worth spending those extra bucks on those 7.7". will I reap any added benefits for real ?

I need some advice please,...smile.gif
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IMHO I would let your viewing distance decide. rolleyes.gif

Where do you sit relative to the screen?
If, like me, you are only 12 feet from the screen I vote for the 47".
My field of vision is such that something bigger is too much and my eyes have to move to scan the whole screen. It's like watching a movie from the front row at the theater. If you are thinking of something where you are concentrating your focus at only a portion of the screen then maybe the larger but my eyes can't handle it.
Get a tape measure.
Outline the 46, 55 or 60" on your wall.
Sit back, get comfortable and decide for yourself how good your peripheral vision is; if you can take in the entire screen and "process" that info with one look go for the bigger screen. If you find you brain doesn't get everything and it wants to "recheck another portion of the screen" go for the smaller one.
If you were a running back in football my guess is the larger will work
If you played tennis the smaller one!!!

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Rarely is it heard "I wish I'd gotten the smaller TV" most people wish they had went with the larger tv. I have 40" TVs in the bedrooms which I have found to be just the right size and a 55" in the living room that I sit about 10 feet away from, that when I replace i'll purchase a 65" or larger TV. Someone on this forum wrote about the giant tv they purchased seeming to shrink over time, I find this to be the case for most people. So I say buy the largest your budget will allow.
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