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Thanks for great forum and sources.
I have a new Sony 70" 550a TV. Replace an old Sony 60" projection set (infamous set with color issue). System components are: AV 'server' ,Sonus,DVD,XBOX 360, 5.1, power 'balance' source,Direct TV DVR , older Universal remote. Oh, PC is in office about 30 feet away and, one floor ,up. has Netgear wireless modem/router hard wired tommy So, now I have a set with all kinds of cyber options, and no real experience with this 'new' system.
Any suggestions on : process, checklist,etc. are much appreciated.
BTW- with some efforts I think I could run LAN and / Ethernet lines directly to my PC ; I'm still playing with the wireless connection options ( password, "hit the button within two minutes", seems like TV 'sees' the wireless opportunity ,but, I cannot complete the connection). Alert: SOS Doofus Mayday !