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Is this equipment outdated? - Page 2

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Tedd, That is certainly impressive.

Thanks for teaching me a few things today about an "old" projector today!
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That hdmi input might very well be an older hdmi port, so the first step is still to access the condition of the caps and tubes.
Then see what flavour of hdmi the port is. Moome has produced a series of these cards (and there's a 1.4 version available).
Any installed hdmi card might date back several hdmi revisions and if SACD and DVD-A is in the mix, then there's a potential gotcha.
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First things first, I want to thank you all for your help with this issue. I've been crazy busy at work recently and this is the first time I could actually try to read the thread since I started it.

I still need to do some more discovery with the way the previous owner set up some of his AV equipment. I do want to try hooking up my PS3 to the HDMI port on the back of the projector, but the thing is so high up there I have no idea how I'd actually do it. Even then, I'd still need to figure out what to do with the receiver/MC-12.

Thanks again for all of your input - I don't mind spending a few bucks on new equipment for the theater, but if I can save some money here an there I'm open to doing so.
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A better picture of the pj's back end would be useful to identify how things were hooked up.

The PS3 was likely hooked up via hdmi for video, with the PS3's optical out into the Lexicon. No hd codecs this way when (or even if...) playing Bluray. You might just
have a very useable system as is, if you don't care about high definition audio and the Vidikron and it's tubes, are in good shape.

What's the rest of the gear there? Or was the rest taken by the owner? I can see some rear surround speakers in one picture. Does the room have a 5.1 or 7.1
speaker setup?

And that just be might be a motorized lift between the projector and ceiling. Never owned one so I don't know exactly how they work. There might be a hard wired wall switch,
or a remote to control it. I believe these had some locking tabs on the bottom that might require some manual interaction before the projector can lower. I also think there were
some manual type lifts.

There's definitely some up down switches on the lift, clearly seen when clicking on the first picture. I guess everyone was looking intently for the hdmi port. smile.gif
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I didn't even know there was a lift on the thing until last week - I was ready to give it power and lower the projector, but I realized I've never used one of those things before so I sent out a quick post on another thread topic to confirm I was doing things right.

In addition to the lift, I have finally been able to actually turn on the project and watch some tv, but I did it through a S-Video input so I didn't really see any good HD video. I tried hooking up my PS3 to the HDMI port on the back of the projector, but I was unable to switch the course over to the port and/or find the PS3 signal. I just need to familiarize myself with the system more and try to find as many resources online that I can find.

Here is another photo of the Projector - I don't know if it is any better than the last. Thanks again to everyone that has provide input!

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Update: FYI - those yellow cables come from the Faroudja.
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The yellow cables are analog RGBHV, and capable of carrying 1080P. No hdcp capablitity there, though.

S-video is limited to 480i and should be considered that projector's least capable input (by a large margin). The s-video cable might only be there,
to be able to see on screen menu's of some attached gear.

Do you have the projector's remote to switch inputs? There also might be a panel on the projector itself, that hides
some controls.
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I probably should have provided some more detail.

S-Video - As mentioned in previous posts the receiver is an older Lexicon model and there are no HDMI ports on the receiver. Because of that I would need to thread a very long HDMI from my cable box, through the ceiling, and then into the projector, which is why I used the S-Video to make sure I could at least figure out how to get a picture on the projector. I know S-Video is not a good solution for high-def video.

Remote - The system is set up to be controlled by a Lexicon 700t System Controller. There is a Vidikron remote, but it only adjusts volume, power, and muting.

HD Card - I was able to find some documentation on the HD card. It is a VIM-FULLHD for Marquee 7000, 8000, 9000 CRT. I'll need to look into this more to see if there is a way to switch the source.
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You have what sounds like a simplified remote, but are missing the remote switcher listed (underlined in red)
on the spec sheet below. The Lexicon remote will have what the programmer deemed, the owner needs access to,
and likely is in very simplified form that keeps the owner away from setup access (and getting into trouble).

Vision One.JPG 556k .JPG file

There's lots of pdfs over at ww.curtplame.com for crt projections and there's at least four versions of VIM-FULLHD inputs cards
with pdfs, over at Curt's. I went through the hdmi/Bluray/hdcp "experience" with Barcos, so I know of, most of the solutions.
Some of that knowledge is hands on, and some is just other solutions I came across while jumping through hdcp hurdles.
I again suggest Curt's, because most of the hard core crt crowd is now over there. They will have the answers I lack, due to
zero Marquee/Vidikron experience.

I do have lots of experience with that exact Lexicon model. It is still a really good unit if you don't care about high definition audio tracks. You can feed
hdmi video into the Barco and use spdif for audio into the Lex and have DTS and DD audio. You could also use the analog inputs of the Lex, and have
the Bluray player handle the crossover functions. This may or may not, give you hd audio codecs, on a disk by disk basis.
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this just came up... Pretty cutting edge crt set up.

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