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upgrade options for antec fusion

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So I have had this setup and an MSI 7411 integrated motherboard amp setup for awhile now. I've went through two boards with it and I'm probably getting close to having the current one die.

I would really like to keep this case because its a great little thing. The only problem is the heatsink, it uses a fanless scythe mini ninja, thats also no longer sold.

Has anyone stayed with the fusion and upgraded their parts?
I'm eyeing this setup
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I strongly recommend A6-5400K / 6400K or A8-5600K / 6600K. Graphics integrated in A4-5300 is weak. An active cooler is recommended, e.g. Cooler Master Hyper 101 (a bit weak), Geminii M4, Ninja Mini with a 80 / 92mm PWM fan, or SivlerStone NT01-PRO with 2 x 80mm PWM fan.
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isn't 80mm kinda considered loud?

I've got two 120mm's on this fusion as exit fans. Its not directly over the heatsink but really close.
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80mm fan @< 1500rpm is quiet, at least as quiet as the 120mm fan that comes with the case at the lowest speed.
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so according to this page my old mini ninja is 110x110x115

The 115 is the height correct?

I'm looking at the big shuriken 2
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The Antec Fusion is a great HTPC case. Shame the LCD display is naf, but otherwise, it's worth hanging on to. As has been suggested, a low spinning 80mm would be ok, or 120mm @ 800rpm are better. I've always rated the Noctua ones. They're silent and very reliable.
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HTPC just died last night so it looks like an upgrade is in order.

Microcenter is local to me so I'm leaning towards one of the amd bundles

Can't quite decide on the 3.9 or 4.1ghz combo as both of them are 100w TDP. The big shuriken supposedly can handle that TDP load or can I use the mini ninja?

The mini ninja has the old pain in the butt clip retension but I thought everything went to four pin mounting on am2 and fm2 chipsets and I can't use the mini ninja on a 100w tdp cpu. its a 580g heatsink though.
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A8-6600K + MSI microATX looks good, but the mb lacks HDMI port, you will have to buy this adapter (that supports audio). A10 is too much for HTPC.

Scythe Ninja Mini is still good for A8. Add a good 92mm fan such as ARCTIC F9 PWM, GELID Silent 9 PWM, Noctua NF-A9x14 PWM or Noctua NF-B9 PWM.
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the gigabyte board has hdmi out on it though.
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Yeah, just A55 chipset lacks USB 3.0.
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Is the a10 considered to be too hot for an htpc config?
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Yes (higher clock + higher voltage -> higher power consumption). Moreover it adds nothing to video playback performance. It is good for gaming, of course.
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Figured that,

If I'm using plex though what else is used in HTPC playback that chews up resources. ITs been awhile and I used sagetv for the longest time but have been dabling in plex.
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