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Anyone have experience or thoughts on the "120hz v3d-p " converter?

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I have both an hd65 and hd66 optoma projector. I know they require 120hz signal to turn on the 3d mode..(depending on firmware it seems) . From everything I have read the model below should work but I cant verify anyone has tried it... it has been tested and works with the hd33 and others and the ad says it outputs 120hz at 720 or 1080p....it also appear to be a newer version model. I dont really know what to expect and dont want to invest hundreds on somthing I'm not going to use but I do watch a lot of redbox bluray material... with these convert well or do I really need to search out and pay for 3d versions (I realize sales and antipiracy was the reason for push to 3d in the first place).
Any thoughts or limitations I may be missing with this unit? do I have to get a special hdmi cable or is my hd 66 incompatible with 1.4 cables...its my understanding they are the same just thicker gauge wires? I believe mine is 26 or 24 gauge. I plan on using a panny bdt210 for bluray and upconverting both these and cable if possible depending on content.


heres a link with more info.

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Interesting. I am in the same situation. Have a PS3 with some 3 D discs and some 3D sbs movies.
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The seller got back to me and stated it should work with my HD66 so I'm pulling the trigger today... I'll let you know how it works.
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I'm really surprised that no one here has tried one of these converters yet?
For $100 they appear to have more options than the monoprice unit and support 120hz output at 720p... I have tracked mine and it should arrive either today or tomorrow... I already received two of the four pairs of shutter glasses... won an auction for two pair for $21 shipped which I couldnt pass up and have a couple pair of the newer Sainsonics coming from china. also purchased A 35ft 1.4 24awg hdmi cable since mine wont pass 120hz thru my pc and is about 10 years old now (dvi-hdmi) I plan on mounting the converter box near the projector so the new cable may not be needed but I have issues with 1080p at 60hz as well ever since I went from the hd 70 to my old HD65 and now HD66... I think the hdmi ports are somehow weaker because I never had and sparkly or dropout issues with my HD70...
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I quite fancy trying one of these out, but don't know why it says not compatible with 3d dlp 1024x768 projector, as mines a Acer p1220. So would like to know if anyone tired this on a 3d dlp 1024x768 projector as I thought mine would just manipulate the res to fit, since I've set mine to 720p to work with my htpc.
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Well my hd66 is actually a 1280x800 native Rex projector even though I only use 720p of the pixels.
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well I got it and it works!... set have a lot of play to do but it will have to wait till this evening and no audio due to my ancient hdmi setup I think... will report back when I get a chance to experiment more.
fyi is very small but heavy for its size... only about 3x5
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As I posted in the "hd66 cheaper alternative " thread the sbs modes in this unit as well as using the sbs modes in the panasonic player both work well with this unit at 720p-120hz through my recently purchased sony STRDH720 receiver. I am very pleased. the "strong" 3d mode however bothered my eyes a bit there are modes for "weak,normal " and "strong" as well as adjustments in the panny player. I will say the sbs 3d effect in the panny player was less effective than the units weakest setting.
The overall picture brightness is effected enough to were I'd say you need a truly dark room for viewing.

The unit is very compact and well built it seems. the remote surprisingly works very well. my Sony reciever has no issues playing the HD audio and only passing the video to the HD66 and this is with my 10year old 35ft ebay 26awg dvi to hdmi cable. (I'm glade I didnt spend the extra $100 on the panny BDT310 with dual hdmi output. all together with the cost of the 3d bluray player, receiver, 3D converter unit and four pairs of shudder glasses I'm looking at just under $400 bucks for the 3d upgrade. and I got a better sounding 7.1 receiver and better performing bluray player to boot.... I'm a happy camper.
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I got the chance to use this on my HD131xe and verify it does work well with that model too and has a better 2d to 3d effect than my panny BDT210. I admit I havent really watched much 3d though... I will ad that the 3d with this unit and my old hd66 was on par with the 3d effect built into the hd131xe. For $100 I would say this is a great alternatives over devices like the 3dxl and vip units at 2 to 3x the markup.
However this device was limited to outputting 720p @120hz.... with 1080p it kept dropping the signal which I was expecting since that isnt supported by it in 3d mode.

I think I'm going to use the converter and dlp -link system for an outdoor theater setup at a campground I belong too...the kids should love it there..
meanwhile I will upgrade to the estar RF setup for the hd131xe for the better contrast without the white flashes.

interesting enought the power supply and the remote that came with this unit were made by the same companies as the darbee darlets remote and power supply that I have...I guess thats a good thing for this unit because the quality isnt bad at all but not so great in another respect because both are made in china and the darbee has a huge made in the usa logo on it..... I guess thats just for that part of the unit..
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Can i ask what software and what settings you were using with this?

I have just got one for my HD65, im using it with a Nvidia 660GTX via HDMI the projector is getting the signal fine using PowerDVD12 but for some reason my glasses (all 4 of them) are not syncing with the screen regardless of what settings i use to get the 3D effect.

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Never mind, box works fine, dab nab it lol, just figure out what the issue is. anyway for those who wish to know.


Settings used.


HD65 projector settings


Projector 3D DLP-Link enabled.


Sync invert off.




Im using the HD75 inf for the projector drivers, this is so the PC recognizes the HD65 as being able to accept a 120mhz signal, something optoma seemed to of skipped.


Power DVD12 settings. 3D button pressed (so its just the 3D logo, rather than a 3D in a box) In the cog setting "general tab" swap eye view, is on left channel, Source format, is set to auto, "Display device" is also set to Auto, but check this setting as sometimes it likes to switch to red / blue glasses, you can manually set it to its correct option for the HD65 which is 720p @60mhz (120mhz split between both eyes is 60mhz)

The 3D is amazing from this little box of tricks

The v3d-p settings.

HSBS to DLP button pressed, it squashes powerdvd player so both halves are ontop of each other so looks like a scrambled mess, but does work fine.

Have fun guys.

Oh and the issue? cheap chinese DLP-link glasses lol they turn on, only when im looking at the kitchen strip light doh! which means i gotta turn them on looking at a bulb then run to the living-room before they auto turn off with no signal lol

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They don't have power button? Weird
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they have an on button, but for some reason the shutters dont activate unless im looking at the light in the kitchen, could be a dodgy wire in them so when you tilt your head at the light it turns on, but ive tried that and still doesnt work, needs the light from the kitchen to "activate" them

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What do you mean by "looks like a scrambled mess, but does work fine"? It should not work fine, you are mixing up frame-packed at 24Hz from the pc to the converter (that what "Auto" for Display in PDVD gives you from a BR3D) with HSBS (frame-compatible at 60Hz) setting on the converter. I cannot even imagine what the poor device is trying to come up with as a result, but would not expect much.

If you had a 3D compatible AMD card (HD 5xxx and up), or an Nvision emitter (there used to be a software emulator out there in the 'nets), you can skip the converter and feed the projector a 120Hz frame-sequential directly, as I do with my GT720.
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Does that old emulator even work with anything over Nvidia 285.62 drivers? I haven't fiddled with it for a while since I upgraded to the 600 series cards, but it used to work pretty well back in the day.
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Originally Posted by lurkor View Post

Does that old emulator even work with anything over Nvidia 285.62 drivers?

No idea, I've never used it. I only mentioned it as an option.
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Hey all. I've been browsing the forums here for a inexpensive solution for 3D with my HD66. Augiedoggy has mentioned that this device will work to enable the 3D mode on my HD66. I'm hoping to use my WDTV to play the 3D content from VUDU, downloaded MKVs, etc. So if I understand correctly, this little guy and some DLP link glasses and I should be good, right? My only concern is that since this is ebay and not amazon, I can't just return the device if it doesn't work (not easily anyway). I'd appreciate any insight you may have. Thanks.
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