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Best high end TV, gaming mostly.

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Hows it going looking for a high end LED TV for gaming, was looking at the Samsung UNF8000 46 inch or the Sony W802A. I am looking for a TV that has low MS, will be using a PS4/X1 with the TV. Thank you.
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I am in the exact same boat, looking for a 46-50" high end TV mostly for gaming.

The models I'm between right now are the 2 you mentioned along with the 47GA7900 from LG and the Vizio M501d-A2R

Based on what I saw at best buy the Samsung 8000 appeared to have the best picture quality yet without hooking up an xbox or ps I'm really not sure how it'll perform with games. Do you game in 3d at all? Samsung is active 3d yet I prefer passive. Very torn on this and want to make a decision within the next few days, any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey I don't really gamw in 3d much, I do have a 3d monitor though and it looks nice but gets old fast. Passive 3d seems to be better for the eyes but I can't find one good tv for gaming that has passive 3d also.
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The Sony W802A has the best lag input for gaming for the 2013 TVs. Comes in 47 and 55.
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Hmmmm, if you prefer passive 3d that's the sony model. I just looked on amazon and found this review about playing games on the W802A and it seemed pretty positive...


Between the Sony being passive 3d, strong for gaming (according to that review) and $1,100 in comparison to the samsung 8000 which is close to $1,700 ($600 more) I'm personally leaning towards the W802A right now. The amazon reviews for the 8000 samsung claim you can get rid of the lag through adjustments in the settings so I don't think it's a bad option either. Fact is I don't own either TV so this is all based on what I'm reading, if you end up pulling the trigger on either unit let me know what you decide.
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Seems like the Sony has much worse picture quality and smart features though, which is why it cost so much less. Seems like I will be going for the Samsung, unless I find something better, which doesn't seem to be the case right now.
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I have the F8000. Game Mode for firmware 1110 or later has crazy low input lag. This TV seriously kicks ass in gaming. Very deep black level, bright whites, cinema black which dims the top and bottom bars during cutscenes, and motion handling is exceptional on the F8000. Totally recommend the F8000 to anyone who is looking for a new TV with kickass picture quality and gaming performance.
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I'm a porter .I recently returned a Panasonic ST60 due to extreme lag while playing video games - and yes, I was obviously using "Game Mode" - It made little difference. You can verify this lag on YouTube video reviews.
I bought this TV based off a review I found online stating that the input lag was superior compared to other models - despite the 120HZ nature of the TV, which is supposed to INCREASE the lag, as can be seen by the external site, all comparable tvs are all 60HZ.
Regardless, this TV has great clear picture, and has exceptional lag that rivals computer monitors, allowing me, and you, to watch sports and play videogames without issues.
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