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Can MCE be used an extender?

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My main HTPC is Win 8 pro with MCE, my bedroom has an Win 7 machine

can I setup the Win 7 MCE as an extender of the Win 8 MCE?
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Unfortunately no.
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In the truest sense no.

In another sense maybe. Who is your cable provider and what kind of tuner do you have?

An extender does two main things: allows you to share a recording schedule with your htpc and allows you to watch recordings that were tagged as copy once.

If those two things aren't important to you then you can definitely set up the second pc to share the same media files.
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I have Comcast and I just order an HDHomeRun prime, was hoping to keep all my recording on the main HTPC and stream to the HTPC in the bedroom.

I don't have the box yet, so I'm not sure how the recording setup would but, but assuming like all Windows environment, I can always map all recordings on my main HTPC and map the drive to my BR and watch the contents and even record from either machine?
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given that you have Comcast you have more choices than somebody with say time warner or cox.

you can definitely set the Recorded TV folder to show up on both pcs. by default they will each record to their own hard drive. it is possible to record to a network share but it isn't a simple option you check off and it can cause problems due to network bandwidth.

when you look at the guide in your bedroom it will not show the recordings you scheduled in your living room and vice versa. Recording Broker is a 3rd party program that will make the master pc do all the recordings and I wouldn't be surprised in DVBlogic has software to help too.

your limiting factor in doing what you want to do is how the tv provider marks channels for copy protection. most providers mark nearly everything as "copy once" meaning that only the computer that recorded the show can play it back. trying to play it on another machine will give you an error message.

from my own experience and reports ive read Comcast only marks movie channels as copy once - HBO, Starz, Retroplex, etc. So recording those on one computer and watching on another is out. the frustrating thing is that this could change any day - you could wake up and suddenly AMC and TNT are marked this way too.
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