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TV Tuner for Projector

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I wanted to find out what I needed to get my broadcast cable (only 20 channels) to my projector?
I can plug a tv into my coax outlet and the channels work fine, but I need something that will input the coax and output HDMI for my projector.
I have tried a QAM tuner and it didn't work. it only seemed to scan for OTA.
I also tried a Motorola VIP 1200 box, which did not work either. I think this box was for U-Verse.
I don't want to spend too much, $75 at most.
I cant believe that this is so hard to discover.

Thanks for the help
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Broadcast (OTA) and Cable are two different things. Do you want broadcast or cable?

Might also help if you tell us who your cable system is, where you live and exactly which channels you're looking to project.

In most cases, digital cable systems scramble everything except the broadcast channels they re-encode and re-transmit using QAM. So, if you used a QAM tuner hooked to your cable system and only got your local over-the-air stations, then that's all you're gonna get. Your TV is probably picking up some analog channels in standard definition that your cable company transmits for legacy users. A QAM box won't get analog channels. For anything except your local television stations, you'll need a cable box.
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my tv service is broadcast cable from Time Warner Cable located in southeast Charlotte NC.
The last tv tuner I tried was the iView 3500STB DTV Converter Box, and it scanned and found 0 channels.
I also tried using a Motorola VIP 1200 box, which never finished with the initial setup.
I only receive 20 or so channels from TWC. most are ABC, NBC, CBS, etc..
These are the channels I want to project.
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Ok, so you're getting Time Warner's broadcast basic service, which is 20 analog channels.
Does your TV only find only the analog channels (2-20) or does it turn up a few digital channels (36-1 WCNC, for example)?

I'm going to bet you have 22 analog channels and a half dozen QAM channels available to you. Thing is, finding a box that'll handle QAM and analog AND output to HDMI isn't going to be easy.

The iView box you have is only going to pick up clear-QAM signals. You have to set it to scan for QAM rather than ATSC. It will not pick up your 20 analog channels. Check the settings and try it, again.

NOW.. if your television isn't picking up digital channels at all (no 36.1 or 36-1), then the digital channels from TWC are all scrambled and you'll need a box from the cable company.
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you are correct.
I do pick up some of the digital channels such as 36-1.
My TVs seem to be fine as they show both analog and some digital channels.
So which tv tuner do you recommend that will output HDMI for my projector?
I no longer have the iView, it seemed cheap as the remote would not response most of the time.
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You're going to have to dig around on eBay or elsewhere to find one that does QAM and NTSC with HDMI ouput. I don't think anyone makes them, anymore. Could be wrong.

If you can live with just the digital channels, then the scope broadens a bit. I've no experience with anything recent, so I can't help you much, there.

Were it me, I'd hang an antenna, get an ATSC tuner and cancel the cable. I don't see much in the 20 analog channels you get worth paying for.
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I would be happy with just the digital channels.
What type of device would I need to only receive the digital channels?

I had an outdoor antenna on my house a few months back. It worked ok. I was never able to pickup CBS, which has most of the football and basketball games on it. and the other channels, NBC, Fox were always going in and out. So I decided I needed something else and got the broadcast cable instead.
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I noticed the Motorola VIP1200 on the list.
I tried one of these and it was never able to complete the setup.
it would only get to the first portion of the setup and would sit on it for a hour.
Should this box work for my broadcast cable?
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Since nobody has warned you yet, this may all be a moot point. Time Warner cable is switching to all digital and scrambling all channels on their systems now. You may end up spending this money and doing this work to find out that a month or two later it was all for nothing as once Time Warner gets rid of the rest of your analog stations and scrambles all of the QAM channels you aren't going to get anything. If all you want is your local channels then you should concentrate on getting a proper antenna set up and get an ATSC tuner. If you want to keep cable then you need to look for QAM tuner boxes that accept cable cards and you will have to rent a cable card from Time Warner. Or you can just get a cable box from Time Warner and not have to buy anything.
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Originally Posted by Beerstalker View Post

Since nobody has warned you yet, this may all be a moot point.

Good advice. I would install an OTA antenna (if possible) and be done with it.
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Need some help.

I'm in a country that still insists on using a Coax input for cable boxes.

basically my cable box is hooked up to my tv via coax and then i have to scan for "channel 3" on my tv then all channels are changed from the cable box after that.

The box is a scientific atlantic box.

What I need to know is what kinda external tuner if any, can I use to enable me hook this up to my projector?
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An old VCR can be used to tune Ch3 and Output Composite Video (YELLOW RCA plug) and S-Video (if so equipped).

If your projector doesn't have these types of Analog Video interfaces, you'll need to also buy a Composite Video (and/or S-Video) to Component Video (or HDMI) Converter.
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