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Screen Goo vs Other paints

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I searched through a bunch of threads on Screen Goo vs other paints and I apologize, but I am still trying to figure out what might best work for me. I was settled on the Screen Goo (and even had it ordered), but had a really bad experience dealing with Goo Systems as well as one of the dealers. This caused me to go back to the drawing board on whether it really is that great of a product for how expensive it is. I am mounting an Optoma HD25e and using a 96 x 54 in screen surface. I can control most of the ambient lighting through blackout backed curtains. I cannot paint the walls or ceiling a different color. These are a flat white color. Having said all this, what do you think is the best screen paint for maximum contrast and really deep black levels? I will be using the PJ primarily for 2d viewing, but will also be watching 3d using most likely the Optoma RF glasses. I am not opposed to still using Screen Goo, if it is still considered "one of the best," but after how I was treated, I'm really looking for alternatives, too.

Any guidance or even referring me to another post would be appreciated much.


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Also, the room has a vaulted ceiling and the projector will be mounted about 13 ft from the screen on an extended mount, if that makes a difference in terms of reflection. Thanks!
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A lot of people have had success with the silver fire formulas on this forum which you can source the materials and spray equipment for and spend less than the paint you were going to purchase already. You would probably want a darker shade given your bright projector (which I've been looking at myself so I hope you post pics after you get everything set up.... smile.gif ), like a 3.0 or 4.0 version. What will you be painting on?
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Thanks, Eternitay!

I looked at some different materials at HD and settled on some higher grade, very smooth and thin plywood. It was either that or some ultralight drywall. I will research the mix that you are referring to. Is there a way to roll it on, though? I had some issues spraying Screen Goo on a prior HT setup and had to completely redo it. I am not the best painter around.
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Haha, no worries. The developers don't recommend rolling silver fire, but there is an easy paint mix called RS MaxxMudd that can be rolled effectively. It's a lighter shade though, so it won't be as effective at overcoming your white room to give you enhanced contrast levels, but perhaps still as effective as the other option while still being significantly cheaper..?

I've been playing around recently with one of the newer Wagner power sprayers though and I must say, with good equipment like these guys or the Graco sprayer a lot of people choose and a bit of practice, I bet it would be easier to get a decent finish than you may have experienced in the past. Just a thought though..
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Thanks! The Silver Fire actually does sound really interesting. How does this compare with some of the nice screens by Stewart or others?
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I have no personal experience yet aside from posted pictures on these forums, which is soon to change smile.gif , but many others have praised the performance benefits of this paint, especially in rooms with ambient light issues (such as white walls/ceilings may present...), and the guys behind it would tell you it compares very favorably with high priced screens while several more yet would stand behind them and attest to it from their own experience. I for one have been impressed enough with the pictures and testimonies that I'm looking forward to spraying my own soon enough, but with a bit of research you can certainly see if you feel it's worth the extra effort yourself.

Check out Mississippi Man's threads and builds, he's documented a lot of circumstances where this DIY solution has performed admirably in less than perfect environments, and the results look great from the pictures. You'll also find a lot of great advice for proper techniques if you decide to go that route. Happy reading!
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