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Lumax 4K-HDLMX LED 3D Projector

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Hi Gang,
Newbie here, trying to get some input from a few of you seasoned vets. A few days ago I skimmed across a Lumax 4K-HDLMX LED 3D Projector on craigslist and I am unsure of the legitimacy behind any of its claims.

Which includes:
Lumax Imaging 4K-HDLMX
3D Anaglyphic Video Imaging
Supports 1920x1080
Image Size from 28" to 200"
45000:1 Contrast Ratio
HDMI x 2, VGA, Component -Blu-ray
Retail value of $4,995

I could not find anything about it online - just that their website is lumaxpro(dot)com
The seller is asking 400$ w/ screen

Please advice
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It's a scam, thread right here about these things:

Keep with the name brands.
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Glad you posted here. Stay away.
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Maybe worth $40
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it comes with red and blue glasses.... cool.gif
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Wow! I sure love forums like this... Just saved me from wasting $$$ on a pos.

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Originally Posted by EastTX24 View Post

The seller is asking 400$ w/ screen
This is a very big thing and marker for a scam.

If the setup runs close to $5,000, then why sell it for $400? This just doesn't happen with new or nearly new A/V gear of quality. I swear, this scam would actually run better if the MSRP wasn't so stupidly high!

At $400 selling price, they are making a PROFIT. Now, entry level home theater projectors start at about $500 for the cheap models, and a decent 1080p projector with proper 3D (no glasses) runs around $700-$800 on the entry level side.

No screen, no active 3D glasses, but these are real projectors which will produce a solid image for years to come.

On the plus side, you should always ask, and it's great that you did instead of getting suckered in by these guys. Also read the other thread as it has pointers to help identify 'scam' companies like this. Worth saying that this extends to all A/V products out there and other products as well. But speakers, surround systems, etc. all are out there which try to rip you off.
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I just picked up one of these bad boys, and I'm really happy with it. I already on a Sony 4k projector, and I honestly can't tell them apart. I have a friend who works at our local theater, and we hooked it up, everybody thought it looked great. Not quiet sure why people are hating on this projector. Maybe they're just jealous.
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