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Jonas ellie ir extender

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I did my theater room about 5 years ago I had an installer who did an awesome job from harvey normans before ghey went tech to home.
He installed jonas ellie ir extender and av modulator so i get foxtell and hd tv (my topy just died) and all was good in the world with my bedroom tv, bbq area, pool area, lounge room, study all getting great pictures and changing channels wonderfully.
I just renoed and replaced my old rear projection samsung with the plasma from outside above my big new gas fire.(while i wait for my new 75 inch led samsung )

The problem is know that the ir extender is not working in my lounge but its still fine 4 meters away in my bbq area !!

I have the vivo plasma the ir is setup on - its weird i swapped the outside one its still worked outside but in here ****.

I checked coaxial cable all good and 3 way splitter behind it apears ok.

It still works but i have to be within 500mm of red eye extender (the type that runs through the arial cable)

Please i need help its making me crazy !!! Any feedback would be appreciated !!
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I got lost in your description of problem, but can tell you this much because I have experienced it. Plasm seems to emit inferred light that can interferer with the signal from your remote, I was at a friends place in Phoenix and I always have wireless headphone with me. I found that if I was right in front of the set I got a bussing sound, get of center about 45 degrees and it went away. Also pointed the set out through a window and the headphones worked but the buzz was not there??
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basically that ir extender works on other sets but not so well on this one - not sure why - how can i reduce interference i have put the sender away from the tv its still not very good at a distance
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I think your problem will go away with the new LED set.
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Ok ill check i out
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Thanks for your help
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