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Amp suggestion for 15" SI HT sub

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I was planning on using an existing ported 15' Cambridge soundworks box, throwing a 15' SI HT dual 2 ohm voice coil sub in it and getting an amp. I figured it may be a bit to small but if it didn't work I would just make one.

I was looking at powering it with a old QSC1450. Amp says its 900 rms at 8ohms bridged and 1400watts at 4ohm.

Would I be better off with just getting something new and inexpensive like a Inuke 1000 or 3000 seeing as the QSC is older? Not so sure what type of crossover the qsc would have either.

I am currently using a older PC12-PLUS as my only sub in this setup. Do you think that one 15 would be a big upgrade or would I need to get an 18" to see a real difference?

I am using a HK receiver so I think the voltage should be fine for the pro audio amp. If not I have a behringer mixes I was going to try using to boost it.

I am new to the DIY home theater thing, I was in bands and have an ok concept of pro audio gear and us to build car stereo systems including sub boxes but I am coming to find the Home Theater aspect varies in many ways.rolleyes.gif
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the qsc probably has a high pass up around 35hz or so, so not really good for theater where 30hz is kind of the king daddy.

since you can build a box and the 18" driver isn't that much more expensive, why not just build a medium-large ported enclosure for the 18" and tune it to something around 20hz. that would be an upgrade from what you have now. then, when you get the bug again, you can just build another one. :-)

there are some cheap eq options such as the berry mic2200, mini-dsp, and so on...

the berry amps are spec'd at peak, so keep that in mind when shopping around.

if your nor familiar with winisd, it is free and can model subs and enclosures if that is something that you would be interested in doing. otherwise, ping a couple people and somebody can model up what your thinking about.
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here is an example:

8 cubic foot enclosure tuned to 17hz with one 6" x 6" square port that is 36" long. the slot could be made a different shape, just keep the cross section area equal to 36", so it could be 12" wide x 3" tall for example...

1400 watts takes the driver up to xmax at around 25hz and would need a high pass filter set around 15hz or so to protect the driver below that point.

that is actually quite a significant amount of bass there...
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Thats pretty impressive SPL level. What are you thoughts on Sono tubs vs ported boxes?
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same performance.
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