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any 12 inch horn plans out there?

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i have a set of phoenix digital 12's that i picked up a while back that have been in use in my one car , i sold the car and the box has been sitting in my living room pulling sub duty for when i play xbox , in the slot vented enclosure i have these things pound hard!!! wanna see if i can come up with something better, iirc the box is 2.5cft internal per side tuned to 35 or 40 hz

anyways im curious as to if i can make theese work in an exsitring horn design thats already out there.

problem is these speakers are no longer made and trying to find the small specs is not easy
this is what ive dug up so far
Fs: 23Hz
Qts: 0.3103
Qes: 0.3450
Qms: 3.0802
Vas: 108L

Peak Power Handling 1000 watts
RMS Power Handling 400 watts approx.
Voice Coil(s) Single
Impedance (Per Voice Coil) 4 ohms
Frequency Response 25 - 800 Hz
Sensitivity 90 dB
Woofer Surround Rubber
Recommended Enclosure Specifications
Top-Mount Depth 5-5/8"
Cutout Diameter 11-1/4"

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i would put them in a concrete pipe in push-pull config on both ends. sounds much better and tighter then a horn.
http://www.mcphersonconcrete.com/pipe-specs.htm 12" length 8 will do nicely
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Has anyone done this before?
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yes i did. long time ago i was rebuilding a disco and they had this huge, under the stage, big subwoofer casing. they consisted of 10x 10" speakers and 4x krell 200 watt amp. build in the stage itself and used 4 old bose subwoofer cases with a horn output. i seen this bose basspipe 400w they use to have in the old days and i figured i could imitate them. first used PVC pipe but this turned out to vibrate more then it gave some bass. i mean not like the old bose bass pipe use to give. so i looked further for better material and read about speakers using concrete and floorfiller to make the speaker vibrate less and have a more solid base. one day they opened up the streets to put in a new sewer system and i thought this might be the stuff i was looking for. very solid tube for the bass speakers and i asked them where i could get one. they turn out to be not that cheap as i thought them to be but since we had enough budget i went to buy 5 pieces of 2.5 meters 25cm pipe and put the speakers into the pipe and glued them with locktight and a few wall-ankers. finished it with silicon kit . they didnt look that pretty but the bass was ubertight and massive. having the amp at 30% volume allmost blown the roof of the disco :-)
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this is the newer version of the amp http://www.krellonline.com/evolution3250e.html
this the newer version of the woofer http://www.visaton.com/en/high_end/tiefton/tiw250xs_8.html
just for reference. im sure you have the amp and using the phoenix digital.
personaly i think you should try this as it is way better then the horn setup.
even better would be to use 3 pipes for the 2 speakers and put them between the pipes.
edit: dont forget the speakers need to be opposite of eachother. so one woofer needs the + and - reversed.
so one faces left and the other one right .
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