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Are all "Video Grade" Crt Projectors Limited to 480i?

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I'm curious if front projectors followed the same standards as tvs.
Do all video grade projectors only support 480i with the next step up being data grade at 1080i.
Do some video grade projectors support (and resolve) odd resolutions in between sd and full 1080i, like say 600i,720i,800i, etc.

The source is a computer and i'm not sure what sort of custom interlaced resolution you can send from the video card, though i've had no issues with sending 1080i (aside from dx10 and dx11 support).
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Some, but not all will also resolve composite video at 50Hz, the European standard. That's all you'll get out of a CRT projector with only a composite video input. Those video only projectors that also have RGB inputs will still only resolve 480i via RGB.
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So there's more variance with data grade projectors?
Perhaps some that are more compact and might sync to any odd resolution leading up to 1080i but not quite resolve 1080i? Like 960i for example.
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As long as you're within the scan frequency range, a CRT will resolve any resolution. CRTs aren't 'compact'.

We like to say: GO BIG OR GO HOME! :smile.gif
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Well, relatively speaking of course wink.gif
I just got rid of a 50" crt rear projection set, so a 100lb crt projector is compact in comparison.

Resolve and display are 2 different things if i'm not mistaken, I can send 2048x1536 to a 19" crt monitor I have but it wouldn't show all the detail/resolve it.

What's the general consensus on crt size and resolution? Will most 7" crt's resolve 1080i or something close?
I think i've seen mention of 5.5" crt sets as well, are they good for anything?

It seems that video grade projectors are a class of projectors that all max out at 480i, and Data grade projectors have more support for odd resolutions like a computer monitor?
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Here, this should help you::


Your last sentence is basically correct, but almost all data grade projectors will also accept a 480i video or Svideo signal. the exception is the top of the line Barco 909/Cine 9 that will only accept a 480p signal and up.
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Thanks smile.gif

I think i've been to that page before but I didn't realize how many pages there were in the guide and the amount of good info.
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there's also a forum to joint at the very top center of any of the pages. That's where most of the CRTers are hanging out now.
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Looks like I may not be able to find a reasonably priced crt projector where i'm at.
I saw a Sony 1272q on Kijiji (craigslist alternative) but it was listed for 450$, which seems like it may have been a good price 5-6 years ago.
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Just keep lurking, although in the 1000s of CRT projectors I've sold, I've sent maybe 3 to the Atlantic provinces, so yes, you may need to look in Quebec or Ontario to find something.
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