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Hello all,

I am new here and as i can see the forum is a great source of information.
So as a newbie in the world of Home Theater i got the following question.

A store in my country is having a sort of a clearance and is selling a relatively old model of a Yamaha in a good price. Aprox. 260€

The model is the following:
Yamaha Home Theater in a Box YHT-494 here is the link to the site

The package comes with the Yamaha HTR-3063

As you can see is a discontinued model.

Here is what i want to do

I have a 51inch samsung full HD 3D TV, PS3, cable tv and a macbook pro that i want to connect to this guy (HTR-3063). I will connect the mac via optical since i just need sound.

So i want your views on the package. Is it worth it or am i gonna trash it in a year or so? Mainly i watch movies (sometimes blue-ray via the PS3), playing some games and watch 2-3 TV series streamed from my mac via Plex app for Samsung smart TV, I rarely watch any 3D content.

So.. Is it worth the money and is something that will last for a while or i will change it soon.?? Also if anyone of you has the YHT-494 pack or just the HTR-3063 gimme some comments please if you can.

Thank you for your time. If you need any further info let me know!