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DLNA transcoding doubts

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I'm currently giving the last touches to my hi-fi setup. It now contains:
  • QNAP NAS (which hosts FLAC files)
  • AppleTV2 (Airplay hub)
  • Mac Mini (MP3 Library on iTunes)
  • Marantz NA7004 (DAC and Airplay receiver)
  • Vincent SV-121 Amp
  • B&W CM-1 speakers

all of them (except the Amp and the speakers of course) hooked up to my gigabit network.

The albums I really like are stored in FLAC format on my NAS, and it advertises them over DLAN using TwonkyMedia Server. The rest of my music is stored on the Mac Mini and it is played on my Marantz via Airplay.

So far so good, but I've started to wonder whether I'm making a fool of myself storing every song in FLAC format (30 - 80MB) and having TwonkyMedia sending the music to my Marantz. Anybody around who can comment on this? What exactly does a DMS and what Transcoding means in this case?

thanks a lot in advance,
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I am a beginner myself so don't crush me if I am wrong.

I think the NAS is your Digital Media Server (DMS) since it is storing the content and making it available to the Marantz which will be a DMR + DMP (renderer + player). These terms ofcourse do not apply wrt AirPlay.

If your Marantz can play FLAC, then there should be no transcoding (changing from one format to another) when playing FLAC from NAS over DLNA. It surely can play MP3 which again should not require transcoding when playing MP3 over Airplay. However I know nothing about Airplay so cant be sure.
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Hi Markitus,

As Sandeepkor said, it all depends on whether your Marantz supports FLAC. Most DLNA players do not. If the Marantz does support FLAC, you are good to go. But if it doesn't, Twonky will transcode down to MP3, and since it needs to do it in real-time, it will probably be a low bit-rate.

Unfortunately, DLNA tries to hide the fact that it is transcoding (actually, it is trying to make such details transparent), but Twonky creates logs that should let you know what it is doing. Also, the Marantz might indicate what it is receiving through DLNA.
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Thanks a lot for your responses. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer. I think that now I get how a DLNA DMS works. The NA7004 does support FLAC files so no transcoding seems to be needed.

Now that that is clear, a new question seems to raise. How come Marantz needs a DMS to publish the FLAC files if it does not do anything with them other than slate them to it? I mean, what's the point of demanding a DMS? It could very well simply mount a remote share over NFS or SMB or AFP, couldn't it?

Thanks a lot everyone!! smile.gif
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