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Liberty, Missouri Antenna Connection Question

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Hi All,

Been trying to find some information about this but haven't been successful to this point.
Currently, I have Time Warner Cable bringing basic cable and internet service to my home.
I'd like to ditch the cable, but keep the internet.
Service comes to my home outside, and then splits to all of the coax jacks in my house where I connect televisions.
Service of both internet and cable are on one service line in.

I'd like to start using an antenna for OTA reception while keeping the internet and getting rid of the basic cable subscription.

Can I simply mount an outdoor antenna (pointed southeast per TV Fool report below) and connect it to the coax cable connection outside and have it disbursed through the house to all of the coax jacks?
I'd leave the cable connection coming in as well since I need that for cable internet service.
Is this possible?

Or would I be better off just using an indoor antenna connected to each TV? More expensive to do this way since I'd need 2-3 antennas but access to adding coax to all rooms would be difficult for me to do myself.

Hopefully this makes sense? If you need any clarification, let me know.
I'm not hung up on antenna types, etc., as I think I can get the antenna hooked up in whatever manner I choose and I know it may take trying 3-4 different antennas to see what works best for my location.

Any help is appreciated.

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No, you cannot combine OTA signals with your Cable co signal on a single cable. They need to be seperate. So the easiest thing to do would be disconnect where the cable feed gets fed into the house, and connect the antenna to the house feed so it can feed all the tv's.

Now for your internet, you would need to run a seperate cable from the cable feed to a point in the house where the modem will reside. If you have a wireless router, this will make things easier .
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