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I've had a new M701D for a week and have noticed the corner edges of the frame get extremely hot. TV guy at Costco said the Vizio TVs are known for their heat output. Can this be normal and will that effect the reliability of the set over time? Anyone else notice this?
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I would think that excessive heat on any tv would affect it over time. I've never heard of the Vizio's having a heat issue like you describe.
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I've never heard of that either, and by the way I would take what the TV guys at Costco say with a cow-lick.  After hearing some of the mistakes that come out of the supposedly "trained" guys from Best Buy, I can't imagine that Costco training is much better.  That might be a crass and unfair judgement, but I'm really not sure that a wholesale store can be expected to keep folks up on this stuff.


When I google for "vizio TV heat" (without the quotes), I end up with far fewer hits than with "sony tv heat".  Sony even had a recall years ago.  And it seems that most of the vizio links are old.  I'm not sure what "extremely hot" means to you, but I'd consider returning the set.

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^^^^ agree about the "training" at either Costco and BB. Out of the two, I'd think that BB would be better, but.......

Vizio quality can be hit and miss so being as you got it at Costco, I'd take it back for an exchange if you choose to stick with Vizio.
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How about going to Costco and feeling the corners of the TVs that are there?  The floor displays stay on for most of the day.  If it's a "common" thing, then it'll be there.

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if your set has an edgelit LED backlight, that could explain why the corners are warmer than other parts of the TV, but extremely hot sounds too extreme to be normal

how high have you set the backlight control on the TV and is your TV placed in a TV cabinet or area that has poor ventilation?
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