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Hello, my name's Phill and I'm an audioholic. I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist that although I'm sure it's been done already...


Anyway, I've been building separates systems for years, owned more pairs of speakers and stereo amplifiers than I dare count and even built my own amplifiers back in my college days.


My two current rigs are my AV stuff and my stereo kit. My AV stuff is currently a NAD T742 receiver with Mordaunt Short speakers (908i at the front, a 905C center and 904s for rears) paired with an XBMC front end as a source. The stereo kit is a Rotel RA-920AX, a pair of Wharfedale Evo 8s and a Dual 505 turntable - although this is my current focus for upgrades.


Through the years I've owned various kit - one of my favourites was a pair of Wharfedale Linton 3XPs that I inherited and loved - until my ex-wife dropped one.


I'm guilty of trawling this forum for information over the years, but I've never joined until now. Wish me luck!

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Looking to get great advice on building a Home Theater.  Been reading many of the threads and it's time to start asking questions.

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Hi all I just moved to Boston and my brother in law asked me to help him out with a Ht setup,I hope you all would have some good info for us..
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Hi, I am Mark from Audiocom, pleased to be here part of the AVS community.

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hi to all pleased to be here and good to meet all,I am from the UK
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Hello there AVS world! Im a new member here I just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Boston, MA and I am a member of Artisan's Asylum. I run a website www.randomactsoftech.com where I chronicle my home electronics projects. If you have a few minutes to kill check it out and send me some advice!



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Greetings one and all,


Wayne Charlton here.  I live in northern N.Y.S., on the banks of the mighty St. Lawrence river.  Yes, actually - I can see Canada from my window.  I am forty eight years old, male, Christian and my political bent Libertarian.  I consider myself an Audio/Videophile.


I am in the (extremely, painfully slow) process of completing a dedicated, acoustically isolated/treated home theater room.


My equipment:


  • 1 - Panamax MAX 5400-PM Power Management
  • 1 - Oppo BDP-103D SE BD Player
  • 1 - Onkyo Professional PR-SC5509 SE THX Controller
  • 1 - Panasonic TC-P65VT50 THX Plasma Display
  • 1 - Parasound Halo A51 SE THX Utra2 Five Channel Power Amplifier (in black finish)
  • 2 - M&K Sound MX5000 MKII THX Ultra Subwoofers
  • 3 - M&K Sound S5000 THX Ultra LCR Loudspeakers
  • 2 - M&K Sound Surround - 200 Tripole Surround Loudspeakers
  • 2 - ButtKicker LFE Tactile Transducers
  • 2 - Carvin DCM-1000 Professional Power Amplifiers



I thank you all in advance.




Edited by Wayne Charlton - 4/16/14 at 10:53pm
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gilphilbert, out of curiosity, what are you running xbmc on?



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Hello everybody.


Love this forum! I joined it because I bought a 4K TV and have a lot of questions. But I hope I can help people too.





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Hi Im Bert Hennessy, from Nashville. Started my hifi system Summer of 2013.


So far:


My System 

Sherbourn PT-7030

Parasound A21 tweaked by The Upgrade Company
McIntosh MC 302
Marantz UD 7006 tweaked by The Upgrade Company
Denon DNP 720AE Network Player
Dynaudio Confidence C4 Platinum 
Dynaudio Confidence C1 Signature
4 Dynaudio Contour SR Piano Black
Dynaudio Contour SRX Center 
Morrow SP6 Speaker Cables
Morrow M1 Rca Interconnect
Tara Labs Power Cable
Panasonic 60 inch Plasma. TC-P60UT50
Enjoying it immensely
Thank you
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Hi Robert from PA here. Big Martin Logan fan have Aeons/Depth for music and ML Vision soundbar for HT.

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I am new here.
Installed a lot of gear for people in the last 10 years.
Finally got one of the last pieces of my home theater gear for myself.

Epson Pro Cinema Elite 6030ub. It rounds my install nicely.
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First forum for me, so im completely new to this.  Here i go..........

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test reply

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