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Hello all,

Have been a mobile DJ for years and as I slow down on that I realize that I have lost track on the consumer side. Still love music and want to get back to enjoying it for myself. I will be setting up systems in several applications in the next year or so and it looks like this is the place to find the info and direction I will be needing.

My interests are music and riding my scoot.

Thanks All

Wild Man

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Names Bob and looking for info on using NAS storage as source. I have an OPPO 95, a pre/pro without HDMI and an amp with a built in dac.


I want to know how to get 2Ch music/2D and 3D movies and Hi Res music from NAS to the dac.


Looking at using an usb interface for 2 ch music. But for multi channel, I'm wondering what I need between the NAS and the dac. 


Would going from NAS to Oppo 95 using e sata provide an audiophile quality signal.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Meanwhile, I'll do some research.



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New Member here. I've used this site to research a new project I have coming up and the best ways to connect various things at my job. I am currently looking into cutting the cord completely (Cable TV, that is) in my childhood bedroom. I am also a Microsoft guy. No I don't work for them (yet..) Working on that haha. 

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Hi everyone!


A long time reader of this site and decided it's time to sign up.


My areas of expertise are Digital SLR's, Lens's and some experience with earlier 3 x LCD projectors.

Hopefully I can contribute something back.


Now to research these LCD TV's...

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hi there , it 's one of the best  forums , greetings to everyone

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Hello AVS community, 

                                I arrived here after viewing the thread British vs. American speakers. A nice thread indeed. I've been an avid audiophile (and lover of music) since hearing my neighbor's hi-fi (Heathkit) in the late '50's. After being given my mother's "Columbia" record player & a bunch of 45's & 78's to listen to, I preferred my Dad's stereo console to playback albums in the '60's. In the early to mid '70's I built my own Heathkit speakers, pre-amp, power amp, equalizer. noise reduction/expander unit. I've since acquired a system I'm very happy with, less an equalizer & expander. My system now includes,  B & K monoblocks & preamp, Krell CD & Legacy speakers. I've been to several audio shows & have left unenviable of anything I've heard with one exception. That was Pierre Sprey's Mapleshade exhibit, which had a very holographic sound. I've since put together a decent home theater system which my wife is very happy with (means subwoofer is hidden & speakers are not lg. objects). On with enjoying the experience & looking forward to new technologies & designs! Cheers!

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Hi there ladies and gentlemen.
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Hello everyone. I have been a silent reader of this forum for quite sometime and finally decided to join to start contributing. Thanks!

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Hello everyone!

I'm glad to help the community: community point me to the interesting problem - I return decision :)

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Hi everyone.  I'm LJ.  I've been a long time reader...  I'm interested in the cheapest DIY home theater setup possible - and I'm glad I've found this forum.  I've learned a lot from this forum already.  Nice meeting all of you!

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Hi everyone,


I'm new here and try to find a good calibration settings for my TV Sharp AQUOS LC-60LE745U.


I've found some threads and some member posted some good calibration settings there; however, they mentioned about using its settings along with the calibration disc of this site but I have a little hard time to find that calibration disc. Could someone help me out to post the direct link to the said calibration disc?


Thank you in advance.





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Hi guys,


My name is Kelsea and it is my first time here. I am a senior technician at Cremax Inc. I found many of the forums interesting, thus here I am! I hope it will be a great journey while browsing thru those informative articles. (:

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Hello all!  I'm building a theater and hope to gain some knowledge from the expertise on the board.  Thanks in advance for helping this newbie along!

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Hey everyone,


This feels like I just just got enrolled into an organization or something. lol


Very new to forums in general.


I decided to join because 1. I finally went crazy reading many threads and hundreds of pages without adding my input and asking questions 
2. Find it amazing how much you can learn from, or teach, others about electronic and tech things on here 3. Very interested in the Sammy and Panny Plasma war going on and looking to own one v soon. :D 

I am not very interesting yet, but just thought I'd be a good newbie and comment on this thread. :) 


Take care everyone, and see you on other threads. Later.



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Hi All,


Occasional, but long-time visitor to these forums. I'm an AV enthusiast and XBMC advocate.


Looking to upgrade my 5 yr-old plasma in the home theater to a PJ + 100" screen. 


Checking the forums here on news on the new PJ lines.



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Hi AVS Forum,


I found your site via Google when searching for plasma TV reviews. I am now the new owner of a Samsung PN64F8500 =) I'm looking to get it ISF calibrated and hoping that Michael Chen will make his way to Thunder Bay, ON Canada this month as we have a lack of local options.


I'm into both audio, video, movies, gaming and computers. I'm hoping to gain knowlege and learn new things while here.


Warm regards,



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Hi I have been here before but it has been a while. I forgot my old name so I just created a new one. I am an audio enthusiast audiophile and have been on my journey for quite some time, I have had a bunch of experience along the way, built some speakers, sub-woofers, rebuilt some x-overs restored some speakers. I have had a ton of audio gear and then some over the years, some really nice stuff, vintage, huge and heavy. Bargains are one of the reasons that make this hobby fun for me. My most current finds are some rare Sony ES SS-M7 speakers and some Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand. I am also into photography, mountain biking and drums.  

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Hello .
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Hello everyone. I found this forum from a google search. I am here to get help with OTA tv. My wife and I are trying to cut back on bills by dropping Direct Tv. We live in the mountains in an apartment on the first floor, so getting OTA tv might be fun.
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New member here.  Name is Colin and I live in Frederick MD.  I just purchased an Oppo BDP-105.  I've heard great things about this machine from my other audiophile friends and I thought I would try it out.  My main passion is music but I hope to learn much more about the video world so here I am.



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Hello everyone, I've come across this site on myriad occasions over the years for insight on numerous topics (DVD recorders, LCDs, Plasmas, camcorders..).  Like many of you I do video for a living, so registering was inevitable.  Glad to be here!

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Hello my name is Brian, I found the site when researching for my new set up. Awesome stuff on this site and I hope I have something to contribute. I know there is a lot for me to learn here. I just moved into the projector world and so far I am absolutely loving it and wondering why anyone would ever buy a TV for movies :)  

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Hi there from Portugal..


After many years just reading i decide to participate:-)



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Hi all.  I found AVS by searching the classifieds, because I can't stop buying AV gear... :-)


My system:


Samsung 61A750 1080P DLP 

Pioneer BDP-51AFD Blu Ray player

Marantz SR8001 

AT System 270 THX

Dayton SUB1200 (x2)


I've also got an AT System 250 5.1 laying around, as well as a Pioneer VSX908S (bedroom system).

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Found this by searching google and haven't been able to stop reading. Building a new house and have been trying to figure out what I need to pre-wire to make my life easier when the house is finished.

Looking for help with AV equipment
In ceiling speakers
Misc home theater help
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Name's David, first time home owner (MD,DC area) and new to the whole home theater. 

My first theater:

120" Black Diamond .8 screen w/led back (2:35-1)

JVC DLA-RS66U3D w/ panamorphic lens

Oppo 103 bluray

apple tv

Marantz SR6007

Martin Logan speakers and sub



On here looking for help on setup/configuration on the projector.  Trying to get the best picture possible.  Don't get me wrong out the box it looks awesome.  I'm so new to this, I didn't want to change any setting in fear I'll really jack it up.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hey everybody I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm in the market for a new 65" LED and stumbled across this forum
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hi all :)
newbie here, trying to calibrate a lg plasma



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Hey there!  Found the Vizio thread for my TV on this site.  Been lurking here so long I thought I was time to register and interact!

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Hello All

Ian here from Hong Kong. Been a silent reader for sometime just joined. Hope to learn loads from kind folks here!
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