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Hi All,


I am new to the forum.  Thanks



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Just joined up to read up on upgrading an HP Z555* media pc. I would like to add a decent hdmi card and maybe a tv tuner....is this possible? I'm here to find out!

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Hello everybody, just joined in the hopes of getting some advice on speaker and amp builds. I plan to make my builds an enjoyable experiance aswell as a tool to improve my overall knowledge of sound. 


PS: gonna bomb u guys with questions :D


Oh, and welcome to all the other new peeps to!

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I just found this forum a day or two ago while trying to find a fast way to sell some audio/video gear due to a quick decision to move.  I've had some fun equipment over the years, but due to my upcoming move, and likely continued moving for a while due to work, I'm having to sell a lot of my current gear (will post some gear in classifieds next).


Stuff I used to have quite a while back that I miss the most (might have slightly off model numbers):

- McIntosh MC2125 amp (it was beautiful!)

- McIntosh C27 preamp

- Hafler amp (built it from a kit ! )

- Altec Lansing Model 19 speakers (traded some bookshelf speakers & cash for in about 1984, huge and just plain fun)

- small KEF speakers I had in college (forgot model)

- Soundcraftsmen 12 band EQ


Stuff I'm selling now that I'll miss the most:

- KEF Reference Series Model Two (this is gonna hurt!)

- Velodyne sub (won't miss too badly, since I'm keeping my 2nd one!)



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Hello all, I'm afraid I'm great at pulling things apart but not so hot at repairing them and getting them back together again so you'll probably be hearing a lot from me.....on the plus side I'm a good listener ; )

 Any help I can give I'm only too happy to.


Here's to a long and lively relationship :)




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Hello to all! Been lurking about a month after my Sony 32" CRT crapped out. The TC-P55ST caught my eye & now plan on moving a Sony 40" XBR where the 32" was, the 55" going into my bedroom. After lots of reading & emails with some pros I ordered the 55" from Amazon, coming this Tuesday. Am ready to run slides for 100-150 hours before setting it up.
Great forum for knowledge & think I've said enough? Look forward to any feedback with calibrating initially. Plan on trying out some recommended settings. To a great future!
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hey everyone.. cadio here..

a newbie .beginner.

trying to set up my first home theater from zero..hope you all can help..

have a great time everyone.

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:)Thanks for the welcome
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I'm a regular browser of your forum for sometime now, now i can find out things i need most and more specific..

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Hello from Croatia!

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Hello from Portugal :)


I got an JVC SX21 some weeks ago and now I'm starting to play with it.

Good to know there's a forum with this amount of knowledge in audio and video systems. 



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hi folks i am from Bosnia

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Hi. I'm a newbie at things audio/video. Thanks in advance for your kindness.
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Hello to All.

Seems like I have already gotten to know several of you from reading thru MANY posts about the Panasonic P65S60 the last few days.

I have spent many hours and have only just scratched the surface with everything that has been written about this TV.

Anyway, this is a most informative and knowledgeable Forum,so I just want to say, I'm happy to be here.

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Hello all! Just starting my AV journey now, after years of spec cling and building systems for other people I'm finally building my own. I look forward to learning from all of you!
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Hi, I just signed up in hopes of getting help with a problem. This relates to the remote control for my Pioneer VSC-54TX receiver. As best I can figure, when I got hooked up to Comcast several years ago for TV, etc., the Comcast folks gave me a remote for the TV that they programmed to allow an 'all on' power button to turn on the TV box, the TV picture screen and the Pioneer receiver (though which the TV sound was sent). We recently got 'upgraded' by Comcast to a new box and a new remote. But the new Comcast remote no longer turns on the receiver, and most importantly, the original remote that came with the receiver no longer will turn it on or off-- but as best I can tell it changes the volume, etc. My guess is that somehow the old remote for the Comcast set up had been programmed to override the on-off function of my Pioneer remote and that somehow I need to reprogram my Pioneer remote to get it back to its original functioning so that the on-off power button will work again. But the owner's manual is no help. Any ideas? T.J. Pempel

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Hello to all! I'm a new member to AVS. I came on here mostly to read reviews on projectors because i was becoming closer and closer to buying a projector. I ended up purchasing the Epson 3020 and traded it in for a 5020UB. As soon as I purchased the 5020UB I found out the 5030UB was coming out in about 2 weeks so I decided to return the 5020UB. I was HAPPY with the 5020UB. I couldn't find anything to complain about with the 5020UB. I do casual gaming. Nothing hardcore and it did just fine. I didn't do any massive online gaming though. Everything about the 5020UB in my eyes was phenomenal! I wish I could have held on to it a bit longer until I received the 5030UB but I had to return it. So now I'm waiting for Best Buy to receive the 5030Ub so I can just go in and pick it up. I also purchased a Pioneer VSX-523 AV Receiver and plugged all of my components into the Pioneer unit for less hassle. It has my PS3, Xbox, Acts as a 2nd screen for my Custom Built Desktop. Samsung 32 inch TV being the main monitor for my Desktop. Also have my Time Warner Cable Box plugged into it. Everything works well and hassle free. 3D was also fun. My only small complaint about the 5020UB was that it does get hot. And since I have a small room that is already hot as it is. It makes my room worse. But for the amazing picture quality I got I fought through the heat. Nothing to cry over. In the winter time itll act as my heater. =) I currently have the wall about 9 feet from where my 5020UB was placed. Projecting at about 100 inches. Havent had the time to purchase a screen due to the fact I am still rearanging my room. But once I am done I will purchase a screen. =) I look forward to interacting with everyone here in AVS and learning new things! =) 

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Thanks for the greetings and I look forward to joining the many fascinating discussions being held here. I presently am sporting a Yamaha rxv 571 with older Mission 701's and a Sony kdl ex645 with a computer, ps3 and cable digital box attached. As I upgrade i'll be using the diverse and informed opinions on this site, looking forward to the journey!
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Greetings from St. Augustine, Florida. Been a lurker for awhile, this is a great site with tons of info. I have Panny ZT 60 coming this week (W00T). Will be my first plasma tv and looking for all the tips  information I get. Break-in period, calibrations, care, ect....

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HI all! Am from India and have been a regular visitor to this awesome forum but have registered only now.

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Hello everyone!

I am new here!
Hope I'll find a lot of interesting conversations here

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Thank you Scott, for providing this forum. I've read a couple of threads and the level of knowledge (and friendliness) is fantastic. When I was 16 I bought a Marantz 2245 and dreamed of a high end stereo setup. 34 years later I've been a bit distracted, but maybe this place will get me back on track.



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Hi all,


I have been reading the great threads here for quite awhile and have been a home theater enthusiast since I got my first job at a $1/show 2nd run movie house as a teenager.  (I saw Tootsie at least 17 times!).  It was then I fell in love with great movie sound and have been pursuing it since.  This has not translated into many purchases, since I am thrifty by nature and not at all a perfectionist.  My wife and kids think I'm crazy but overall I am happy and they at least play along and tolerate my inclinations :)


I am a scientist (biology) by training and am generally skeptical so when I hear sound described in subjective terms ("warm," "bright," etc.) I cringe a bit.  For me, it is about objective measures accuracy and whether I like what accurate sounds like.  


Thanks in advance for all of the support! 

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Longtime lurker, first time poster/account creation.  Building a new system and will have lots of questions.  Thanks to all in advance.

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Hi all, 

I'm new here and a recent cord cutter. Looking for some great info on tips to keep MY cash in MY pocket. Hope I can contribute too.



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New member from Sweden.

My main interest is home theaters and I hope to get some good advice in here.

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Hello, I'm not exactly new but this would be my first post regardless. Didn't realize I joined that long ago. redface.gif

I've been interested in audio ever since I could remember, really. These days I am pretty focused on my system in my room. Home theater setup that also is for my music needs in stereo mode. smile.gif
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Hi all and greetings from South Africa , I am attempting to show movies on my field so jumping in :)

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Just registered to the site.  Hopefully I will get all the info I need to fix the problem I am having with my tv:)

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Hi to Everyone !

i would like to introduce myself

My name is Gino and i currently live in Norway (Stavanger)

Audio/video is my main hobby ... sometimes and obsession to be frank

Thanks and regards,


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