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Hi everyone,

My name is Bill and I just built a home theater in my basement. I've used this message board in the past to review discussions, but I thought I would join in on a few and maybe ask a question or two.
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New member, little knowledge of acoustics. But I'm learning a lot from these forums! Its like everything these days every field is high complex once you dig down a bit!

Thanks for having me.
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Hello, my name is Jim from Southern New Mexico. I used to own a my own TV Sales & Service Business in Garland, Texas just outside of Dallas. I sold Zenith, RCA's and finally the great Sony sets. I had to drop the sales business due to K-Mart, Sears and Montgomery Ward buying sets by the trainloads. I could not compete with their lower pricing so I stuck with the Service end of the business till I retired in the 90's. A few years after retiring we moved out to Alamogordo, NM in 1999 due to the clean sunny air and much less traffic. We can even see the stars at night and love the mexican food here.
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Originally Posted by ccase13 View Post

I am Candace Case, currently of Gastonia, North Carolina and want to find out more about my old Panasonic dmr-es10 dvd burner. Specifically I want to know if the tunner is supposed to pick up digital signals or just analog.

My sister, also a widow, and I just want to record a few CBS shows to watch later. The vcr is dying rapidly and doesn't get widescreen.(The Mentalist and the boys on Person of Interest seem to do ever more things in the far edges of the frames.

I look forward to learning many interesting things.

As far as I know, that tuner is analog only. You'll need a digital-to-analog converter box to receive digital signals.

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Originally Posted by Detroit Diecast View Post

Hello All,
I look forward to becoming an active member of your community. Seeking advice on 6x9 speaker cones. I posted a thread in the Speaker forum. Perhaps I listed in the wrong forum. Cheers! Rich

Seems like the right forum to me.

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Originally Posted by nbunny View Post

Thanks for the warm welcome!
I'm in beautiful Charleston, SC, and am cutting the cord with Comcast. I've successfully installed an indoor, tabletop antenna. To my dismay, I can't get an audio signal on 2.1, 4.1 or 5.1......but it comes in great on 2.2, 2.3, 4.2, 5.2, 5.3... in other words, the network affiliate primary broadcasts deliver no audio to my Toshiba HDTV. I'm at a loss! The Toshiba people say it's my antenna or the OTA signal. I'm thinking perhaps I need a digital to analog converter? I can't think of anything else. It's a mystery to everyone I talk to..including Best Buy, Radio Shack and my ex husband! Have you ever? BTW, the picture comes in beautifully, and I get sound from the all the PBS and FOX affils. For your consideration...........

That's pretty strange. Since you get 2.2, 2.3, etc., you don't need a converter. My best suggestion is to get a rooftop antenna and see if that works better. I realize it's a big hassle, and no guarantee it will work, but I can't think of anything else.

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Originally Posted by ejlono View Post

Hello everyone here at AVS. I came across AVS while researching different type of UPS technology. I am mostly interested in audio knowledge for the time being as I am currently configuring my surround sound system; however, in the future I may be looking at other aspects as well. Such as, a new TV and computer set up. So far I'm running a 55" Element (I know not top shelf) and two towers from B&W's 600 series. Next step I'm thinking of gettinga B&W CM Centre. Unless otherwise convinced here on AVS. Thanks for any input in advance.

Nice speakers! I definitely recommend getting a center from the same manufacturer and product line as the left and right for a consistent tonal balance across the front soundstage. The CM Centre would probably work well, but the HTM61 or 62 from the 600 line would probably work better.

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Hey! I'm from Canada just across from the Detroit River and I need answers. A friend gave me a 2007 Sony KDS 50 A2020 and it has a green tint. He said it needed a lamp. Is there more than 1 lamp? I see people on this site talking about green blobs and yellow tints. I don't have a clue. Can I get picture instructions or video on how to change the bulb? I have been trying on the web all day to get free manuals but no luck. Everyone here seems to like their sonys' when there working right and I would hate to throw it away just because of an easy fix that I don't know how to do yet. What is the green BLOB? I have an overall green tint but its not a BLOB. I would appreciate any help at all, thank you Terry. P.S. is there more than 1 lamp?
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Hi, I'm Tracy I joined a week ago. I live in Rochelle, IL. We have two setups, one for music and one for movies. For music: Onkyo TX-sv535 Receiver, Onkyo equalizer EQ-101, Sony CD player CDP-CX455, missing is our Onkyo M-508 stereo amplifier (it's in need of repair) all connected to a pair of Klipsch Ledgend Series KLF-30 floor standing speakers. For movies: Pioneer Receiver VSX-d810s, Pioneer s-fcrw710-k surround sound speakers and sub, Panasonic BMP-BD10a Bluray player, and a 60" Panasonic plasma TCP60S60. We also have a 42" Panasonic plasma TH-42PZ700U, it's a "kids" TV with a DVD player and Wii connected to it. We have Netflix, Amazon Prime and are trying to improve our OTA setup, a (Winegard HD7694P with a Recoton 4 way signal amplifier. We'd love to upgrade both receivers and the surround speakers but that's not in our near future. We're working on getting the amp fixed for our music setup.
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Thank you!
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I'm a new member - just saying hello....

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Hello, I'm from Sweden and I'm new here, looking forward visiting this great forum.

Kind regards
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Hello all. Just a regular guy with a lot of toys.
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Hi Everybody,

This is Yashas from Houston, TX.

Planning to build up a HT during this holiday season and looking forward to the expert advice from AVS users. I have already got some questions answered and slowly getting addicted to this website. It is a huge source of information!

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Hello everyone. Thank you for invitation to introduce myself.
I can only say that I truly am 2stumped!
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Thanks, Scott! I don't remember how or when I discovered AVS forum. I'm basically ignorant about technology and AV systems, but I love listening to music AND every day I find it harder to hear my TV. The equipment I have and use daily include a 1) BOSE Soundlink (wirelessly plays tracks from my laptop and/or i-phone; 2) a ZVOX 575 HSD and 3) a Sony KDL55NX720

Can't spend a ton of money, but would like to have a better sound system.
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Hi there from Tasmania, Australia. Pleased to be here!
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Thank you for inviting me to participate. My wife and I are retired in Collingwood Ontario Canada.
I joined this forum so as I can hopefully make good choices in updating our old tv system.
We are on cable and they have switched from analog to digital.
We have an old tube and vcr that has served us well for over 10 years but now we are in our 70s and have some hearing and visual issues to resolve.
We have to change because my wife uses closed caption and it presently covers up too much of the tube screen.
Also the fonts are hard to read on news and weather channels at the top and bottom of the screen.
Originally my wife had to turn up the sound due to hearing (moderate) loss and eventually it became too loud for me.
I bought a couple of generic wireless speakers and put them behind the sofa and near her and this worked out just fine.
Loud enough for her and not too loud for me.

*I updated our phone system 2 weeks ago.
That was a challenge because you can't tell how they work when they are on a shelf or in a box.

*She is getting both her hearing aids calibrated today.

*Our next step is to update to a 42" Panasonic Viera TC-L4260 flat panel.

*I'm looking to set up the best and easiest system to record personal HD programming.

*Also, I will look at new speakers to set up behind our sofa.

I hope I can find some answers as we move along.
Thank you for allowing me to participate in your forum.
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Hey every body my names is Ben Scuffham. I came across this forum looking for help choosing a new surround sound receiver. So far looks great and thanks in advance for all the help.
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Hi there and thanks for the warm welcome Scott!

My name is Martin, I am an embedded software developer from Denmark interested in all things related to mediacenters. I am by no means a hifi guru but I do like good sound and intelligent media solutions like XBMC. I hope to participate in discussions relating to these topics, maybe writing a couple of tutorials on remote control themes, otherwise helping out where I can and getting help in areas where I am a novice.

My small contribution to this realm is an Android app called AMOTE which is basically a fully customizable LIRC client with which you can design your own wifi-based universal remote control. Which was conceived out of frustration over the fact that I could control music playback when I was showering in the morning using my Android phone but I still had to go to our livingroom to switch on the receiver and set it to multiroom audio.

Best regards
Martin Bang Andersen
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Hey folks just me popping by to say, bout yeee. Well Northern Ireland slang so to interpret that is, hello how are you.. Hope to find answers to my queries and contribute and participate here as there is a lot to learn.. So nighty night as early start in the morning and it is 12.30am here already..
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Hi all,
I'm here to learn more about and share experiences with 4K TVs used as PC Monitors. I'd really like to get my hands on one that can handle fast-paced gaming, without breaking the bank!
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Just got here to share my experiments with a bad 3d Tv the solution i found to make it less bad biggrin.gif
Your forum helped me to get some clue, I'm glad to get back to it to submit my conclusions...
My english is bad btw.

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Thank you for welcoming message, Scott.
I live in Melbourne, Australia.
I come from era of using valve Telefunken radio receiver and black and white Blaupunkt 15" TV.
I currently have:
- 70" Sharp Aquos TV with remote in family room
- Anthem 500 AVR with remote in family room
-Sony RDR-HXD-870 recorder with remote in family room
-Clear View digital satellite receiver with remote in basement
-Vienna Acoustics Mozart speakers in family room
-SVS subwoofer in family room
-Sony Bravia 40"TV with remote in bedroom
-Sony Bravia 32"TV with remote in garage/workshop
-Windows 8 laptop with XBMC
-Google Nexus 10 Android pad
-Nokia Windows 8 phone
House is networked with Cat 6 and WiFi is operational.
Last, but definitely not least, there is She Who Must be Obeyed at home.
She wants me to do something about multitude of IR remotes and turn 4 lights remotely.
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Hey peoples! Ive read a lot of good threads here already, finally dicided to become a member!
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Hi guys! I'm Fernando. I love music and that's why the interest in the audio equipment. I just started with the "audiophile thing" and I hope to share impression, opinions and suggestion about the matter.
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Hi everyone, I am from Italy.
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Hi all

I'm from Norway. I'm passionate about music and movies. I'm a freelance live sound engineer which loves live music performances and I do custom home theater/stereo consultations. I'm an electronics engineer by trade. I've just built my own home theater DIY and had a really fun time building it, and learned a lot about room acoustics along the way. I currently have a 5.1 speaker setup with the B&W DM600 S3 series, with DM603 as fronts, LCR600 as center, DM600 rear and ASW600 sub. All driven by a Yamaha RX-A1020. I have an old Panasonic PT-AE700 HD projector (due for upgrade soon) on a 106" DreamScreen screen. In this setup I do 80% movies, 15% music and 5% REW measurements tongue.gif.

I'm here because often want to seek advice to questions which is not generally available elsewhere. Such forums like this has a lot of collective expertise which can provide accurate and detailed information.
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Hi everyone.

My real name is Gilles,
I am french but I live in China

I just found this forum searching to fix troubles with my new 3dTV, and I have been amazed by the technical level of people here.

I work in the video game industry, and I am addict to games of course, but more globally to beautiful images.

Best regards to everyone.
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Hello everyone! Glad to be here. I'll be driving everyone nuts with my theories and projects. I need 20 Hz - 20 kHz flat at 130-150 dB for my live electronic music performances. That is why I'm here. biggrin.gif
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