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I just joined because I bougth the iView3500STB after reading several posts in this forum.


I live in Panama, Central America.


Best regards,


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thank you hope to learn a lot here

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I had written a long introductory post, then it got lost when I hit "submit."


I'll leave the more detailed information for the appropriate forum, but I wanted to say thanks to AVS forum for guiding me through the rabbit-hole journey into home audio!


Hopefully I can give back.

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Hello Everyone,

Thank You Scott Wilkinson

 I have toyed with electronics, and Audio - Video for around 40 years or so. I am presently tinkering around towards a new HT setup and have found my way here looking for information.

 I will be posting thoughts and questions in a random manner, but thats how I gather information. A bit here, a bit there, then it starts to add up with a fair understanding (to me).


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Hi all - I'm remodelling my house and adding a bunch of home automation, which includes wiring the house for multi zone audio. Nothing crazy, but technology has come on somewhat since I bought my home theatre setup many moons ago! Looking for advice and ideas :)




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I have known about this forum for a while, but never joined.


But now I am trying to figure out how I can get the home theater/surround sound without a home theater.


Basically, now that I have kids running around, I can't really set up a home theater. I was thinking I might be able to find some advice here on my options. I was thinking maybe headphones? Is it possible to get surround sound in headphones?


That's my situation right now.


Thanks for the great forum!



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Hi All,


I ended up here because I googled "Yaqin MS-20L" that led me to a thread where a bunch of guys had purchased the amp and were very pleased with it. I ended up buying one that same day. :) And I am very happy that I did...very impressive amp for the money. Actually, it's impressive if it was 3 times the money! 



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Hi Everyone,


I love "the theory" of simple amazing AV technology - but I'm discovering that the reality still seems altogether different...


After a recent big-birthday, I just treated myself to a whole heapload of AV stuff:


  • Smart tv from samsung (UE55F8000ST)
  • 3d bluray player (Bdf7500)
  • Yamaha Rxv775 receiver powering my old 5.1 mission speaker setup


I should be in AV heaven - but no - I'm in setup hell.  


I'm ripping up floorboards to run cables.

I'm trying to figure out if I can utilise smart tv recommendations whilst still getting the benefits of ACR.  

I'm realising that wireless receivers built into tvs are rubbish so have to run 30m of cat6 cable (and hope nobody in the house notices). 

I'm experimenting with non-standard IR blasters to try and match the configuration of my room.  

I'm trying to figure out why I'm woken at 3am by things suddenly switching themselves on at high volume and scaring the *&^% out of me!


Right now my "smart tv" is making me feel very very dumb.  


Hopefully - with the help of the kind people on this forum  I'll be able to fix these issues one at a time and settle down to the AV nirvana I had envisaged when I originally dropped that painfully large wad of cash.



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Hi all.  I'm Robin and I've just set up two small home theatre installations:  one in the lounge based on an Onkyo AVR which came complete with speakers, for my wife; and another for me in the orangery based on a Yamaha RX V675 AVR with Wi Fi adapter.  The TVs are Sony, and the Blu Rays are OPPO.  My speakers are Celestion Ditton 25s (bought in 1969) for the front and Wharfedales to the rear.



Robin (still a man's name for oldsters in Britain)

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I am hoping to learn even more than I do now, does anyone else watch Home Theater Geeks on the twit network.

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Hi to all.
I've just bought my first plasma TV, Panasonic 50ST60 and I'm eager to receive it.
Coming from a CRT, the awesome Philips 9551, I hope the new one will give me the same pleasure.



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Glad to have stumbled onto your site. I was looking for some info about "gradations" on some plasma sets I have been looking into and one search led me to this site. I saw the home theater build from the guy in california that excavated under his house to build an awesome theater space. This is exactly what I have been looking for all these years of subscribing to mags that claim to be about "home theater" but are more about selling equipment. Very happy to have found you guys!

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Hello Scott!

Thank you for your invitation e-mail.

For long time was just reading posts - now will be member too.


Thank you!

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Glad to be here. Just posted my first thread for the LC-70LE755U Sharp television. Hope some of you guys can help me out. Thanks for your accepting me here!

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Hello All,


      Glad to be a new member and look forward to learning and sharing.


Just upgraded my home entertainment on 9/18/2013 with:

1-Panasonic 3D smart Viera TC-P60ZT60 HDTV w master panel. (Awesome so far!!!!)

2-Panasonic 3D smart Blu-ray DVD player DMP-BDT500. (Had to send to TX [$17+] for repair due to DVD audio sound skips.)

     Extremely unhappy about item 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone with same problem please message me. 



Best Regards,


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My name is Ken. Thanks for the welcome. I have a basement theater in my home. With two projectors, one Sony for general viewing and an Optoma GT700 and 3DXL for 3D viewing. I use a Marantz SR6007 AVR, PS3 for gaming and BluRay, in an enclosed rack. I enjoy reading the forums, and appreciate everyone's knowledge and willingness to help.
Good viewing to everyone.
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Hello AVS aficionados,


I am happy to join this forum. I am hear to research and discover flat screen TVs, projectors and other AVS gear.

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Hepp Hepp, to everyone looking to gain some valuable insight on how to get the most out of my equipment from you fine and knowledgeable people. Takk  for allowing me to be part of the community. 

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Hello everyone, I'm from Poland. 

I think I might get comfy in AVS :)


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I'm like everyone else that likes high quality picture and sounds. If I could I would have a TV that takes up my whole wall.


Glad to be here and learn.

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Hello all,

I recently purchased Sony 70R550a, have issues with DLNA.  Googled the issue and found this forum.


Hope to provide input and learn.

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Hi, I'm not the sort of person who will be able to contribute to this forum. I lack the knowledge to understand little beyond knowing that HDMI and S-video refer to connections with various equipment. I have been without any TV reception for a number of years (never had cable). I listen to radio and stream programming/videos from my laptop via an HDMI to HDMI on my LG HD television. Recently I have moved and am able to get a few OTA signals and am planning to buy a Magnavox MDR533 HDD/DVD recorder. This device does not have an HDMI input and I would like to be able to feed programs I stream from my computer through it to record some shows. So what I am looking for is information about the use of an HDMI converter (Sabrent HDMI to Composite/S-Video Converter 3RCA DA-HDRC, for instance?) for this purpose. As long as the show is watchable, I am not especially concerned about the quality. If anyone spots this post and can help me, I would be grateful. Till then I will take the plunge and hope I am able to find what I am looking for and comprehend what I find.:) Thanks!

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Hello all, name is Scott. We are about to sign on a new build home with a dedicated 15'4" x 21'4" bonus room which I intend to build a dedicated theater room. I've read the forum over the years, and built a few casual home theaters in previous homes. This will be my first attempt to build a theater from scratch, with the intent to maximize audio and video experience. So, I will be looking for a lot of help from the forum. Will also be building a nice listening room in our living room. I will start a build thread and appreciate any and all help.


My current equipment includes, Lexicon, Revel, Wharefedale, Optima Projector, old Runco 720P projector, Draper Onyx screen, Cambridge Audio, emotiva DAC, Sony PS3, XBOX.

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Hi all, just reg'd here. I'm a Hi-Fi nut and been a member of a few other forums for some time. Good day to all!

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Hey Gang,


Found some great information on the site. Many thanks. In the final stages of designing a home theater room and expect it to be completed by the end of next week.


Thanks for all the helpful tips! Glad to be here.

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Hi To All, I'm Jingo Lopez from the Philippines. My brother is a drummer and loves music, he has a turntable but I'm not going to that path.


Found a lot helpful to my mini home theater setup. Happy to be here.


Instead, I am now in the process of choosing between Monitor Audio BX Series and Polk Audio's TSX Series and whether I will get Marantz SR5006/5008 vs Onkyo's TX NR626.

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Hi All,
Just arrived. Looking to find some tips on my Denon 2113.
After watching a film last night I realized I need to set this up properly. I've only had it a year. Lol
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Let's get this party started!  

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Hello all, Long time lurker here at AVS and decided it is time to sign up. I am an avid movie watcher and I hope to share my knowledge and experiences here with media and A/V equipment.

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      Just joined because we just bought a VT60 and I did a lot of reading up on the reviews and info on this site. I see there is a lot of knowledge to be gained and I hope to learn from the many users here. I am also going to looking for a new AVR and speakers in the near future so I will have a lot of questions on reviews and such. Looking forward to interacting with everyone!

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