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Hi. Just bought the EPSON 730HD projector. I'll comment on it after a week or so. 

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Hi comunity, i'm a new member.

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Hi everyone,


Just wanted to introduce myself.  I just posted a bunch of questions in the F7100 owners thread because I just purchased the UN65F7100AFXZA last night :)


Thanks to Scott for the warm welcome!

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Hello everyone,


been following this site for some time now, finally decided to join.




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Hi, joined because I was having an issue with the Samsung UN65F8000 and my PS3 (screen tearing issue), and I think I came upon a solution, so I posted the solution in the F8000 owner's thread (someone was asking about it and no one had a solution for him).

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Hello to all,


I'm a retired math teacher who now has more time to enjoy stereo equipment. I've got a 2.1 system - Yamaha AX-592 integrated amp, JBL L5 speakers, and a JBL E250P subwoofer, with a Yamaha T-80 tuner. I stream most of my music now. Hope to learn lots and participate in various forums. 



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Hi, I just signed up after beginning my research for setting up my media room in one of the basement rooms.  Construction begins this weekend, so I'm behind schedule already!  Interested in the Epson 5030 or possibly the JVC DLA-X35, and I can see already there is plenty to read on both PJs.  Thanks for a great site with lots of contributors.

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Scott thanks for the welcome to your forum...I was researching for configuration info on Yamaha RX A830 and was hoping for some assistance.  I'm a newbie to this connectivity and was trying to configure the unit to my router(wired).  I don't have onscreen connection for the TV and don't know how to access the setup menu for entering credentials for the router.  Any help is appreciated...

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I am new here and I can say that this forum really is helpful. wink.gif I'd surely will enjoy and learn a lot here.
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Hi can anyone give me some ideals on matching up two floor standiing speakers for the denon 1912 7.1 have a budget of $100-$400 and by the way I have 2 rs nova 8's that sound great and I know great sound but I'm learning that theres more than the sound...Please excuse me for not being educated in this area but I welcome from small to large input from you all...THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE !!!

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Thank you for the warm welcome.  Been lurking here for years to catch up on tips,tricks and issues and have really appreciated the input from sponsors and users alike.  Just picked up a Panny VT60 so will be frequenting the site during its break-in while also looking for info on new AVRs with HDMI 2.0 when they are released.  Great site and great info - Kjock

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Newbie here, thanks for the PM.  Joined in an effort to try and fix my HTPC audio problems, hope the forum can help me out.

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Hey guys been a lurker here a while. Its always been my go to for searching up tech issues. Having one currently with an old Sony Vidimagic. I was wondering the actual throw range of it, and if the range could be increased? Right now the picture is only clear (ish) at about four feet. It is by far inferior to my other projector, but the huge man-cannon is always a centerpiece of conversation when I have guests, and I would like to get it operating somewhat well. I noticed a user by the name of Tinman who had one years ago, but I am unsure how to contact him directly with questions. Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks!

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thank you.my name is alex from greece.i have a problem with my crt 32 sony wega television.i hope i can find a solution here.thank you for accepting me in the forum.

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Greetings form Hungary, it is good to be a member of such great community :) 

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Hola from Mexico,  

I found this forum browsing and looking for answers on my new Samsung 3D tv,  it really was not what I expected, planning on return it for the poor 3D viewing experience.

I see thereis a lot of information here, I hope to be able to help someone on this forum some day.


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Hello from Virginia Beach! (Originally NY) I guess I am a gadget guy. TV's, Games, Camera's, Computers etc. I seem to have an affinity to gadgets. But I am definitely not tied down by them (I know they try!). Also have a hobby as an actor and wanna be model. So I am interested in camera/camcorder etc right at the moment.


Oh, and as a fun goofy hobby, Ghost hunting (Like in Ghost adventures. Which has got me more and more curious about filming in low light etc. I have a long laundry list of gadgets...which I wont go into here (would take to much space! lol). 

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Hi All,


Stumbled upon this site after encountering problems with my JVC rear proj tv. Love movies and loud music! Going to buy a pack of cigarettes and hopefully figure out how to fix this TV

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I hope I'm doing this right. I just join. I was instructed to come by and say hello. Hello. I have a 72" Samsung dlp with an Onkyo 7.1 thx surround. I love gaming and watching movies. I here because I don't know a thing about A or V and because of that I think I ruined my tv. Ignorance is not bliss. as to be here. Hope to learn from you all. Thanks.
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I've been lurking for a while and decided it's time to join up.


Thanks for the welcome message, Scott!

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Hi guys, congratulation for this beautiful forum. Sorry for my english, I'm write from italy :-P
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Hi dave mineau from sask. canada kind of new to this I love movies and setting up sound
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Thank you for the welcome.  I had two questions.  1.  I have a hum caused by my Buttkickers.  Why?  Hopefully it is a ground loop issue I will solve tomorrow.  2.  Can I place my left & right front speakers behind curtains?  Both questions were answered on this forum.  Also Mr. Marvin Clamme at Guitammer (Buttkickers) turned me on to a Ground Loop Isolator to hopefully get rid of the hum.

I have:
(1) Sony VPL-HW30 3D projector & (12) pairs of 3D glasses.  Yes 8 chairs & 12 pairs of glasses (go figure)
(1) SI Black Diamond 127" by 58" projection screen
(1) Pioneer Elite SC-55 Receiver
(1) Panasonic DMP-BDT500 Blue Ray Player
(2) Martin Logan Motion Pro 40's bi-amped for left & right front
(1) Martin Logan Motion Electromotion C2 for Center
(2) Martin Logan Motion 4's for left & right surround
(2) Martin Logan Motion 4's for left & right rear surround
(2) Martin Logan Dynamo 700W Subwoofers
(6) Buttkicker LFE's (4) under recliners & (2) under platforms holding (2) recliners each so (6) LFE's shaking (8) chairs.
(2) Buttkicker BKA-1000N AMPS
(1) Panamax MX5192 Power Management System

This is all newly installed so I will need to keep it for a while but my first interest will be to get a new screen & relocate it into the room 14" so I can recess my speakers.

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Hi, I'm Jehane.  I've lurked around a bit for a while, but finally decided to join. 

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Hi All,


My name is Mitchell and I am currently living in Lovington NM. I was referred to this forum from bigscreentvs.com. The Forum manager there said I would get a better answer for the question I asked. So hopefully that is true. I posted it in the  LVCD Large Panals forum. It said it needed forum moderator permission to post, so I am not sure how long that will take. But I do look forward to chatting with and getting advise from all of you, since I don't know much about LCD/LED panels, especially larger ones.


So thanks again and I hope to get a bunch of advice from everyone, since I know very little on LED TV's. I have really only every had Plasma's.


Thanks again and Well Met!



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Hi All! Greetings from Poland! Finally decided to upgrade, or should I rather say - completely change my audio system at home, so been reading this fantastic forum for a long time to expand my knowledge and finally had no choice but to join to be able to download the Audyssey Setup Guides ;) Cheers for all the info we can find here! 


And of course - thank you Scott for a welcome note :)

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Hello, Scott and every one,

Thanks for warm welcome message. I am in Calgary Alberta.

Retired EE(class of '60) living thru evolution of technology from

vacuum tubes to nano tech. I have modest HT 5.1 set up  with Denon AVR988,

Paradigm, speakers and PBS subwoofer.  Just got hold of an excellent deal

on Anthem MRX500 which I couldn't pass and now waiting for it delivered.

Hope it makes some sound improvement for our listening.


My hobby is HAM radio(VE6CGX), Photography, Life time low brass playing,

(I am a member of local community band as a part of euphonium section),

dabbling with anything electronics(enjoy working on vintage gears). AVS forum is 

the place to come and soak up  latest in every thing AV affairs.

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Hi Gang,

Thanks for the warm welcome.

A little about me.. I am presently building my first dedicated 8.2 HT and I'm really eager to enjoy the fruits of my labor. My plan is to use JBL speakers and a Harman Kardon surround sound processor.

I am sure I will have plenty of questions along the way. Thanks to this forum a lot of my questions have already been answered.

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I'm new from Los Angeles and I'm looking for some audio video professional installer recommendations
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Hello.  I recently purchased a Sharp Aquos LC80 le844u to replace a Sony A3000.  It has not yet met my expectations, which is disappointing, and I am hoping that it is in the way it is currently configured.  I am hoping that I can look to the expertise on this site to help me get the best experience with my TV. 


I am hooked up with a DirectTV HDDVR, and everything goes through my ONKYO TX SR606, although I am considering upgrading to a SONY STR Dn1040 soon.


I look forward to many engaging conversations on this forum. 



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