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Hello everyone. Like all of you, I just got my automated welcome message from Scott Wilkinson and was advised to come here. I'm a 31 year old from So. Cal. trying to get my loft at home to a respectable level. I will track down the appropriate forum for that in a bit, but just wanted to say hello to everyone first. It's good to be here, being as I'm in serious need for help. :D

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I joined the Forum to try and troubleshoot my old Phillips 42PF7220 Plasma TV. It's been very reliable and I have done some repair myself already. I replaced a Y buffer board a couple years ago. I'm having a new problem i would like to get some input on.


As a newbie do I wait to get the OK to post a new thread or tag along someone elses. I haven't done this before.


Thanks, Spike333

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You can post a new thread after a moderator approves your first post.

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Thanks for the welcome. Just happened to find AVS several weeks ago and have enjoyed reading the forums which have convinced me to join. The detailed information provided and the willingness to help less informed members is over the top. I 'm a newbe to the high end HT world since my current system is a Sony HT In a Box...ugh...but very excited for an upgrade. Just bought a new AV receiver, the Marantz SR6008 and have my eye on an GoldenEar 5:1 system and an Oppo blu-ray. I will soon be tapping the forums for advice and direction from the learned members here at AVS. Looking forward to my new membership and hobby, although an expensive one.


Thanks again, sunlinger :)

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Hi I'm Nancy. I live In Rhode Island. Just installed the mohu leaf antenna. I am getting several channels extremely well and a few pixelated. The confusing part for me is that according to both the tv fool website and antenna web, the channels I am pulling in are in then"roof top antenna only". Reception area and some of the closer ones are not coming in at all. I am fairly happy with the channels I am pulling In, but would like to be able to receive all the local channels as that is what I watch. Would an in line amplifier help with the pixelation? My best reception came quite accidentally when I walked away from where I taped the antenna next to my window and it fell propped in my blinds. Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi everyone. My name is Jude and I came across this site while trying to research the different kind of TVs to put in my basement. I've always been fascinated by audio/video technology since I was a teenager. Now at 33 and 5 kids later, I'm trying to get back into things as far as sound systems and tvs go. I recently purchased a Samsung PNF5300 60 inch TV, no smart stuff or 3d, I just want a good picture in the basement...any advice would help regarding sound system and whether or not the tv is any good. I just lack confidence in making these choices because their is so much to choose from...thanks to all and Im glad to be a part of this forum now.

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Another new guy Dave. I use mostly Airplay to listen to and watch digital media. Light knowledge of networking, Windows, OSX, Control 4 and large disk arrays (NAS, DAS) in either JBOD or RAID. Can make iTunes do limited tricks, understand the beauty of Apple TV and know how to tag most data types. Still love Klipsch Korner Horns, LCD TV's, projectors and all sorts of controlling devices. Oh, and I really like Phillips Hues light bulbs set to Disco Mode.




OSX - Apple's Operating System 10

NAS - Network Attached Storage (like Buffalo or DROBO)

DAS - Direct Attached Storage (like ThunderBolt 2)


JBOD - Just c Bunch of Disks

RAID - Redundant Array of Independent Disks

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display


(Never assume a TLA - Three Letter Acronym)

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Hey! Just joined the names chris.. looking for some insight. Looking to go from a soundbar setup to a 5.1 and seemed like you guys know whats what lol
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Hi everyone..happy to be a member..trying to improve my knowledge on home theater setup and importance of each components.. Looking forward for exciting times... Thank you!!
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  my name is Sandy, i've been reading AVSforum for a long time but never posted or registered.  I'm trying to assemble a htpc on the EXTREME cheap, which means cobbling together a lot of parts that I slowly and consistently acquire.  My last attempt ( a dual core atom NM10 mini ITX) was not beefy enough for my most recent purchase, a hd homerun prime.  so I'm looking for alternatives, i considered a NUC, specifically the celeron as I have a key for win7 ultimate so it looks like this is out ( i know the bios 21 is out).  im gonna put an a4-5000 desktop through its paces tonight.


  I am not a stickler for PQ, my gaming requirements are very light but I need to ultimately bow to the WAF.   For the burn in period my basement can, at least temporarily look like a rats nest of cat5/usb and hdmi cables but it wears thin quick. irrespective of the complexity it had to eventually look clean.


 my rig ( at least today)


55 inch el cheepo led (Seiki)  with miracast adapter and chromecast


hd homerun prime

linksys E3000

old sony A/v receiver ( currently not connected, collecting dust)

5.1 speakers ( I think they are energy, cant rememeber)


logitech k400

more crappy netbooks/tablets and old laptops then I can keep track of.


in the future


htpc to drive/record TV and enough for one extender, either the ps3 as dnla client or more likely a 360

WMC or XBMC ( will try both then decide)

A NAS/file server ( would like synology, will likely end up homebrew, either will be buried in a closet somewhere. hopefully the nm10 atom itx can swing this)


  That's about it, hope to learn a lot and if i can help I'll do my best

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Greetings from Italy, and thanks for existing, guys. :)


My system:




HTPC (or kind of) : Dell Optiplex 780 (Core2Duo8400, 2GBram, pretty silent, Win7pro)

+ RadeonHD5450 (fanless)

+ SBLive external USB (for spdif and stereo out)


Samsung DVD/USB Player DVD-D530 (Cheap, but ok for interlaced DVDs)





Amplifier Yamaha RX-V650 (5.1 only)


HDTV/Monitor : Samsung SMXL2370HD


Projector : Acer K11 (LED, 854x600 (4:3) DLP)



My actual main video interest is classic cinema (1905-1940)


And my actual main pain is configuring everything for the various possible video formats. :/


I would be happy to throw away my DVD Player, but I still can't get decent results on interlaced materials.

(How do I output an interlaced signal with my hd5450? :-/ )


Have a nice day :)

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New Member here from Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada.


I have three children 2yrs and under and recently moved to a new home with an unfinished basement.  I'm in the planning stages of creating a large family room with a home theatre.  This will not be a dedicated home theatre room and will be open to a bar area.  


I will be bringing my audio components downstairs which currently consists of:

Yamaha RX-A2000

PSB 7PT towers

PSB 5C centre

PSB 2B Rears


(I'll be adding a projector and some rear surrounds)


Look forward to reading up on all the basement builds for the do's and dont's.


Cheers form the great white north.

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Hello, all. 


Is this the best AV forum on the internet or what?  Stumbled upon AVS while researching receivers and was impressed by the amount of knowledge accumulated here, so I decided to join.  While I do enjoy a nice home theater setup, my primary interest is in music, of which, I enjoy the heavy drum and bass variety.  My expertise and knowledge are nowhere near what I see being thrown around here, so I intended to be a sponge and get myself up to speed. 


See you around in the forums and thanks for having me.



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Greetings Earthings

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Hello, New to the forum. I ended up deciding to join being that I frequently find the best information on these forums.


My current setup

Marantz Sr 5008

Martin Logan Motion 12's

Martin Logan Motion 8

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Hello all!


I was introduced to this site via XBMC.org I'm a quiet guy there (HYGSuperSlayer) as usual and recently applied the Cinema Experience Addon to the XBMC application. I'm very impressed with the user databases created to work with it and all the additional individual, and group, efforts that flourish in the AV community.


I have two HTPC's, one in my own personal home, and another I call mine but located at my parents home, (I'm designing the layout and components for my fathers 'Man Cave' of a basement.


My personal HTPC setup is a work in progress but currently I have a new 60' LG Plasma TV, custom made HTPC with a 60GB SSD running windows 7 x64. My speaker setup is a mush-mash of Fisher surround speakers and center channel, flanked by a pair of RCA left and right speakers...no sub yet :(.   My kids' Wii, and an LG blu-ray player provide some of the entertainment while the XBMC 12.2 runs on the computer full-filling the movie/tv show/ and remaining entertainment including videos, games and music.  All this is funneled through an Onkyo TX-SRS313 receiver.  The room is, at the moment, a refurbished carport/garage with stone and 60's wood paneled walls in an approximate 25x15x8 space, a concrete slab/floor overlaid with an appalling faux brick tile linoleum complete the floor.


My parents location is quite the opposite, more the reason to join this community and learn some of the finishing touches for their theater.  Similar to my own, they have a custom built HTPC allotted with windows 7 x64 enjoying XBMC 12.2 and a Sony Blu-ray player. I think they have a pair of 40in. Sony LCD TV's mounted to the wall, the other on the other side of the room for casual TV usage. Unique to their setup is an X-Arcade Tank gaming system. I'm still in the process of finishing the programming of it for their gaming enjoyment, so in the meantime, they will be melting in the full 5.1 surround sound of an Onkyo AVX-290 stereo system in their finished basement that resembles the dimensions of my own room. Mom is working the details and overall look and feel, my dad and I are responsible for the rest...minus the HT setup.


I guess what I'd like to get out of the site is a few new friends and information to help others. I certainly know I'll be contributing in some fashion or another, so until then, thanks for the time!

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Hello all and thanks for having me.  AFter officially ending my headphone hobby with pair of sennheiser HD-650s I had to turn to something else and was pressed into home audio by the acquisition of a pioneer 80TXV receiver and a set of Infinity overtures purchased dirt cheap at a swap meet.  Hope to interact with you all!


Room set up:

Sony STR-DE985

2x Insignia NS-B2111's

Kenwood 10" powered subwoofer


Living room set up:

Pioneer VSX-80TXV

Infinity Overture 1s

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Originally Posted by Beebwatcher View Post

Hello and thanks for the welcome to your forum.  I have recently acquired a new KDLinks HD 720 streaming HD  Media player and am trying to learn about all the functionality of this impressive device.  I stumbled on this forum while researching the item prior to purchase and was thoroughly impressed by the wealth of good information posted here on this forum.


Thanks again and I hope you all have a great 2014.


Hi Beebwatcher, I am new to this forum but experienced with media players. Had WD and Boxee, and I recently got a KDLinks HD 720. This one is the best among those budget and very functional player. In the KDLinks website there is a YouTube video made by a user that contributes with more information on the usage of the device. Make sure you update it carefully to the latest firmware (in Beta, though), to gain more features. The only better device for using as media player and also browsing the web is my Zotac Mini PC (model nano AD10 Plus), which is way costly than KDLinks but is a definitive solution, although you need to install various softwares and configure it firstly, which is not simple as getting a KDLinks working out-of-the-box.

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Have been lurking the shadows for quite some time and felt it was time to finally join. Now that I'm jumping into hifi sound ill be leaning on the vast knowledge this site has to offer even more! Current set isnt much at the momemnt but im working on it!
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My name is Ian and I live in Bolton, UK.


I have recently regained an interest in listening to music and high quality sound systems. Also, I have gained an interest in home cinema. I have used the forums to find answers to my questions that hopefully members have asked in the past. However, I have decided to join to gain a better experience. Setting up surround sound for best results has been my main focus of interest.


Best regards,


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Found the site because I had a question about my Chromecast. I probably won't be a very active member. I just got my first HD television - that's how behind I am.


I am looking to get a blu-ray player. Even then I will only get it if the display is as good as HD broadcast television. So far on my flatscreen nothing comes close. I generally play animated movies from Netflix because those are the least disappointing resolution.  I tried Plex but as a software engineer I was annoyed by how heavy the solution is. Puts a drag on a cheap ultrabook like I have. So anyway the word is that blu-ray has pretty good resolution, looking for a sleek solution. I might go with an external blu-ray drive for the ultrabook since it has HDMI out.

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Just responding to the automated email suggesting I come by to say hi so..."Hi."

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Howdy all, noob from Australia here. Just registered because I got sick of reading the same old posts about power cables making a huge difference and how vinyl sounds better than digital on my local forum. Happy to be here.

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Hi everyone,


Glad to have just found this forum...

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Hi everyone, I'm Steven from Belgium. Just joined in because the Pioneer SC-1223 is my maiden trip into the HDMI connections and 5.1 speakers.

Still got a lot to learn :-)

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Hi Everyone,


I am new here and just starting to learn how to get optimal audio output at my home setup and its seems this is the place to ask.


I am looking forward to it.



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I am new to this forum and new to this world surrond speakers and sub-woofers :). I am trying to set up surrond system for my living room and will be later also setting up my media room. So, I guess I would require a lot of good advice from experts here :).


Since I will have a separate media room, I don't want to spend much on my living room set up and currenly inclined towards buying Energy Micro RC seakers (5 speakers available for $199), just because they have good ratings and look nice. But, I am very confused with which sub I should go with. Shall I just consider getting 8" Energy sub that comes as a package with these speakers for $349 at Amazon?


Also, I would definately like to get a sub wireless system, so that I can hide it behind my couch. So does anyone know, if I can use the wireless receiver/transmitter with Energy 8" sub?

My budget is around $250 for the sub.


Thanks in advance!

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I've made 4 replies and just now I'm getting a message saying they are delayed because I'm new here? How long is this going to carry on?

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Hello and thank you for the welcome PM.  I've been a long time lurker and felt That my interest in hifi audio has reached the point where I can ask questions without embaressing myself due to my lack of knowledge.  I hope that in the coming months and years I get to know most of the forum members and can build up a steady relationship with the members of the site.  Thanks for having me and God Bless.

Current Set up


Sony STR-DE845 Receiver

2x Pioneer S-Df2-K Bookshelf speakers

Sony SA-W500 Subwoofer

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Hello all

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