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Hi All!


I am Mike. Glad to be here.

I am a user of Optoma Pk320 and Vivitek Qumi Q5 Projectors.

Hope that find here a lot of usefull infos and meybe give something from yourself too



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Hello everyone. I have visited this site for years but never joined.


Current Setup


Denon AVR-3808CI Audio Video Receiver

Denon DVD-2500BTCI Blu-ray

Denon DVD-3910 DVD, CD, SACD

Sony PS3 First Gen 60GB

Monster Power Home Theatre Reference PowerCenter HTS 3500 MKII


Samsung HL-S6187W 61" DLP HDTV


2 B&W ASW650 Subwoofers

B&W LCR600 S3 Center Channel

Boston Acoustics VR3 Mains

Boston Acoustics VR-MX Surrounds


Room dimensions: 14' W x 30' L

Theater Seating Approximately 13' from HDTV

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Good Evening, I have lurked and used AVS for a few years for very valuable info, and just decided I should become part of your GREAT community. 


Currently I have"


Optoma HD20  (which has recently developed a black spot on my screen... perhaps burnt lens..)


Sony STR-DH520 Reciever


Custom built front speakers


Couple of PS3's for gaming/streaming/Blu-raying :p


Thanks for being a GREAT resource


-The Great

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Hello From Finland.




DALLI CONCEPT 6, 1, center

Miller & Kreisel M&K MX-100 dual 12".



Been already leaching on this forum a while for the settings of my tv and AVR.



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Hi Everyone just wanted to introduce myself.

I am Justin from United Kingdom. I think I will find this forum very enjoyable as i love Home Cinema.:)

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Hello all,
Looks like a great forum. I joined in 2007 when researching my last tv and never really logged on again until recently. The wife and I bought our first home in 2012 which came with a great open floor plan. I have since installed the following:

Panasonic P60GT50 Plasma wall mounted
Onkyo 7.1 receiver
Polk CS2 Center channel (wall mounted below screen)
Polk Monitor 60 towers (FR L&R)
JBL Northridge book shelf speakers as side and rear surrounds
BIC PL-200 Acoustech Subwoofer (I think thats the model #)
Harmony 900 RF remote (components are located in a closet in a seperate room)
Playstation 4 for games and blu ray
All wiring purchased through monoprice and is hidden in walls.

I love it and it gets the job done, but I am ready to spread my wings and upgrade. I do have a full unfinished basement with almost 8 ft to the support beam and over 9 ft to the floor joists. Width is disturbed by support posts which I will not spend the money to relocate. (limited to 9ft between outer wall and posts). Length is the full length of the house. I am tossing around the idea of a narrow budget theater or an open concept finished basement with projector and screen. Either way I go, I must include a spare bedroom and a large walk-in cedar closet for the Mrs. I plan on leveraging the knowledge in this forum to help me along the way and I will keep my progress updated when I start.

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Hi everyone,

I've looked on here on and off over the years and decided to join - I bought a Samsung 65" TV that has a thread going and I added a comment. I love home theater and have played around with setups over the years but have been idle last few years. With this TV purchase I'm active again. I enjoy installing nice surround sound setups that don't cost a lot of money ( mine has 3 powered subs in it... lol ), and enjoy keeping up with technology. I've enjoyed using technology to help calibrate sound systems, now I'm looking forward to learning more about calibrating the video on my TV.

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Hello people,


I'm Ronny, I recently bought a pioneer VSX 923 S.

Had an issue with it, came here looking for an answer.

I did not find it, but shared my solution for the problem, so

hopefully someone else is helped with it.


I.m Dutch by the way

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Hey Everyone,


I'm Jeremy, a 32 year old bachelor who has a good career and is ready to buy a house.  I joined because you guys are uncompromising, and aren't happy with "not bad for the money".  The second I get a house, I'm putting together the best possible components I can find.  AVSforum is making that easy for me!

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Hi everyone :)


Just joined the forums and thought I'll drop a hihi here.


Am getting the sony 3d viewer device and was hoping to get some advice here



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I was searching for answers - my very faithful panasonic DMR is finally in need of cleaning or repair - so I was lead me to this spot after being on hold forever at Panasonic McCellan texas repair site. Read good thread already on my unit.

Thanks :rolleyes:

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Hello. It's good to be here.
I'm from Greece and I'm searching for my new a/v receiver.
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I lurked for awhile on the Sony XBR-55X900A Owners thread to learn about the 1080p 3D issue (HDMI data rate limits or reduced FPR or both?) and joined to participate there.



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Hi, I've arrived here to solve my problem with a remote control.

Thanks a lot for your time and help.

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Hello all.

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Hello to everybody, i am very happy to be a member in this forum.
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Hi Everyone,


I am based in Singapore and  have been reading the threads for a couple of years. This is a fantastic community and am happy to have finally got around to becoming a part of it.


As of now , I am looking to build my perfect HTPC and look forward to all the advice.



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New member here aswell; occasionally caught Scott Wilkinson on Leo Laportes broadcasts, very informative, that's what brought me here. smile.gif
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New member, name is Sean. Here to learn more about the Samsung TV I just bought. From what I've come across so far the members here are knowledgable and friendly. I'm looking forward to being a part of the community!

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Hi, everyone! glad to be here!

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Hi folks !!

"Bonjour" from France ! As you may guess, I'm French. I joined your big community in order to be in aware of all new products which are always available a couple of months before Europe.


FYI, my pseudo "LapinFou" means crazy rabbit.


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Greetings, everyone! My name is Patrick, and I've been lurking for a while, gathering information and selecting products based on comments and reviews.


I'm in mid-build on a basement refresh that includes whole house audio throughout. My goal is to have the basement be my "media complex" (with bar, of course), into which all AV sources from everywhere in the house feed, and from which all viewing locations may view any source. The goal is "everything everywhere"--if my kids want to watch a movie in their rooms from the theater's Blu-Ray player two stories below, they should be able to do it, and figure out how to do it themselves. Camera security system will be an integrated video source as well. Z-wave for scene control and various sensor/controller integrations.


It's an incremental project, with the basement being both the starting point and the eventual hub and heart. Lots has gone in to underpinning the future expansion of the system, including running riser conduits to levels above, running hardwired network everywhere I can, etc. I can do malice to the basement to my heart's content, but I promised my wife I'd keep the holes in the upper levels to a minimum. So far, I've been lucky to find chases with enough space in them. 


My component choices for the moment are things that I already have (e.g. Onkyo TX-SR706 receiver) and modest-cost components I can easily source and install myself and expand or replace later (e.g. just took delivery of an HTD Lync 6 whole-house audio package). The theater will run on an Epson 5030UB at 20' to a 134" diagonal screen. I've never done a projector before, so I'm eager to see how that works out. There are four other rooms in the basement level plus the outdoors that will be integrated. Not quite finished with all the pulls


I figured this was a good time to stop lurking and become a proper member of this site, as most cable has been pulled (2800 ft so far) and initial setup and testing of components is about to begin, and I'm sure I'll need the resources you guys have to offer.


When I'm not tinkering with this stuff, I'm a hardware and software guy, most recently going datacenter design, build, and operations. So, I have high expectations for myself for the finish work on the cabling and installs. I'm sure I'll make lots of mistakes, but I'm having a great time just doing this project.


Thanks for listening!


For you redditors out there:

TL;DR I'm doing my first projector theater and whole house system and I'm way into overdesign and overkill. Wish me luck.

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Hello all, Rotem from Israel. I joined your community since I just built a house and I'm looking into home automation and proper A/V distribution. Thank you
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Hello all, just saying hello because Scott Wilkinson told me to. Glad to be able to chime in on the discussion now!

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Hey all, just to say I'm glad to be part of this community, I'm generally looking for tips how to improve my home theater system and I guess i could say I know a lot about computers :p

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Howdy, I'm Geno been a long time reader/lurker finally decided to take the plunge…

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Hi all!
zvipster from Denmark here.

I am interested in both store bought and DIY, and atm I have 4 dali 102 satellites, 1 dali concept center and a BFM TableTuba sub, powered by an Onkyo HT-R370.

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greetings! i'm a professional musician (and retired federal employee) at this point trying to figure out if it's possible to cobble together a decent sounding surround system for my high-ceilinged, odd-shaped living room from pieces i've already got (a monsoon 4.1 flat-panel pc system) and/or other things i'm familiar with (small powered jbl nearfield studio monitors) and an older Rotel RSP-1066 or Lexicon DC-2 processor or something similar. definitely lower tech and low-budget at this point, just seeking a noticeable improvement over the sound coming from my samsung flatscreen speakers. currently trying to understand backward compatibility of different surround formats - will an older dolby or dts version processor do any useful processing on a newer dolby/dts format recording?


have a great day!

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Hey All, from the first amp and speakers I bought when I was 20 I have always wanted a dedicated Home Theatre/ Men cave room. It finally happened where I have the option to build such a place in my unfinished basement.  Have started my reading a while back and can't wait to make this dream a reality! looking forward to all the valuable knowledge found in this great site! Thank you! 

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Hey there... looking forward to learning video from great people here... I am an avid still picture junkie and want to learn video to add to my story telling... Haven't got a camcorder yet... Can't figure that out
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