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Studiotek 100 v Da-Lite HD Progressive 0.9

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I tried to find information comparing these 2 screens but came up empty, except for an older blog by Widescreenreview.com.
I have been asking numerous questions on the forums lately, but based on some advice, I have narrowed it down to 3 screens.
The Studiotek 100, Da-Lite HD Pro (aka Joe Kane) 0.9 and possibly Da-Lite Da-Mat. I have a very good, light-controlled room, walls very dark brown and screen wall and ceiling black. Only 2 windows in the room, one on the side wall and one on the back wall-both will be getting black-out shades. Screen wall to back is 17 ft. I want to wait until the pj is up and I can judge size on some muslin, but thinking no larger than 106 in diagonal. Will probably sit about 13 ft. from screen. Going to be using an Epson 6020.
primarily will be for movies and NFL (with shades partially open). I have been told that 106in is max for that pj at about 14 ft.. throw distance and on economy with the Da-Lite HD 0.9.
I read the widescreen blog, but could not find any formal testing of this screen v the Stewart. I would greatly appreciate the following:
1) Do you agree with the 106" size with these screens, or do I need to go smaller? I would like to use Eco mode if possible for movies, I realize that I must ramp it up for sports with shades up.
2) Do you think one screen is better, for my application, and please tell me why you believe this.
I know the Da-Mat screen is less than the other 2, but since I won't be changing screens for a long time, I would invest the extra money in the other 2, if the picture quality is better.
I hope that some of you have these screens and would share with a beginner, your thoughts and insight.
Thank you very much.
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I would choose the JKP 1.1. Also, if you are sitting 13ft from the screen, the Carada is another choice. If you could get samples, look for sheen and texture from your sitting distance. That's what I did. The JKP 1.1 is probably the best screen
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I have the Studeotek 100 but could easily have the JKP. They both are very good screen materials with each having some advantages over the other. The Stewart is more uniform in brightness, the JKP is a tad smoother and a little sharper on a pixel bleed basis. With your projector, you could go JKP wise with either the ,9 or the 1.1. It depends on ultimate brightness and how long you will go between bulb changes. Joe would recommend the .9 for your screen size though I think most here feel brighter is better and would opt for the 1.1. All three are great choices and the differences between the three are essentially nit picking.
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The blacks are really deeper with the JK Da-Lite HD Progressive 0.9 compared to the 1.1.
It's the best material I've seen so far.
The 0.9 has almost the same deep blacks compared to the (Light Grey) Da-Lite High Contrast screen, while the whites are still bright.
This screen surfase makes your projector look very sharp detailed and bright with a lot of dept.
This is THE screen material to go for.
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Consider the Stewart Cima Neve 1.1 also.
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