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Bought a APC J25B, power question

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So I have the APC J25B power conditioner/surge protector. My question is will I be overloading it if I have a Panasonic 65ST60 TV and Denon AVR-3313 connected to it. I also want to have a few more devices connected to it like a modem, wireless router and cable box.

I don't know if I'm doing this right but I added up the power consumption of the Panny which is 453 watts and the Denon is 670 watts, so that's 1,123watts. The APC J 25B max output power capacity is 865 watts.

Or, should I be looking at the 1500VA spec. I don't even know how to get the numbers of each device to figure that out.
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Volt-Amps (VA) is a fictitious spec number if the load was highly capacitive (e.g. AVR power on transient) or highly inductive (e.g. a motor)....neither is typically found in home Audio-Visual equipments after the power on transients:

You want to start with the LOWER value of 865 Watts.....and a good Engineer with then DERATE (reduce) that number by as much as 50% to allow for 1) degradation of the backup battery over time, 2) reduction of heat in the APC to ensure long term reliability, esp. if ambient temperature can exceed the manu's assumed max temp for their rated power spec number (NOT in their specs), 3) higher power levels are to be expected when AVR's (and other) equipments turn on (NOT in most specs & APC doesn't address transient power ratings) and 4) longer backup time (12 min at half load rather than only 4 min).

I wouldn't attach any more than about 450 to 600 Watts total, depending on how conservative a posture you want to adopt....or live life on the edge and worry every day about the whole shebang melting down...

Every piece of electronic equipment is mandated to have a label stating the amount of power used.....and you can't always rely on Spec Sheets and User Manuals. If you only see it expressed in VA, it's probably the SAME value in Watts.
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