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Equiptment failure

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What an experience. A couple of days ago I woke up to a loud shuttering noise coming from my entertainment center. For some reason the "switched" outlets on my Monster Power surge protector/line cond. were switching on and off rapidly like a machine gun. I hurried up and unplugged everything. The only two things plugged into the switched outlets were my brand new Polk 660wi subwoofer and my beloved Cambridge Audio 651r receiver. After removing the MP surge protector, I plugged the woofer in the wall socket and it would not come on, the LED just blinked red/green. DEAD. The CA 651r came up ok and seemed to work properly but I was not taking any chances. I don't know if the sub was the original problem or if the surge protector killed it. I just purchased all three of these items from Crutchfield about three weeks ago. So I had to box all that stuff up, not fun, and return ship everything back to Crutchfield. Thank goodness they are soooo easy to work with. Crutchfield did not hesitate one second on taking this stuff back. That is why I buy from them. The good news is that I went ahead and upgraded the receiver to the 751r. I've been thinking of doing this anyway because I really wanted a little more power, but since the 651r was already here and running, I probably never would have. I also exchanged the Polk sub for two 10" Infinitly subs that were on sale. The bad news is that all of this new stuff is in "UPS land" right now during a holiday weekend. I hate waiting....mad.gif
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sorry to read of your problems but Crutchfield will take care of you.

fwiw, I'll add my war story.

out of 3 Monster Cable power centers, 5100, 2600, and the new, swoopier design 1800, only 1 is left still fully functional, my original 2600 bought in 2003. the other 2 developed problems: 5100 - dead trigger relays, 1800 - their microprocessor safety killed at least 2 outlets, incl one that didn't have anything plugged into it. all I did was turn the circuit breaker on after being shutoff for vacation. the subs and plasma that were plugged into it are OK plugged into other outlets so I think the microprocessor was overloaded and fried. I didn't lose any gear, but I couldn't trust the power centers anymore.

I replaced with Panamax. I have 2 - Panamax 5400PM's, a 10 yr old fully functional 20 amp 4400, and a 4300PM.

maybe I was unlucky enough to get 2 off-spec ones, but I'm done with Monster products tongue.gif


if I were Crutchfield's techs, I'd be looking real close at the power center as the cause.
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I wish I would have done some research on the Monster protectors. They dont seem to be very reliable. I will never own another. If this would have happened after my gear was out of warranty, I'd be screwed. Mine was the 2500 model. I thought that I liked how it looked online, but when it arrived I though it looked too flashy and cheap. I'm glad its gone.
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