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Carl's Blackout Cloth or FlexiWhite for Outdoor Movie nights?

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I'm brand new to all this and will be putting together a outdoor movie night setup in my backyard.

I'm looking to get a 9 feet by 16 feet screen and the two materials I'm looking at are the Carl's Blackout Cloth ($194.95 with finished edges and grommets), and the Carl's FlexiWhite ($264.95 with finished edges and grommets)

For an outdoor movie night, would the FlexiWhite be noticeably better than the Blackout Cloth?

I don't mind spending the extra $70 if it's actually going to be noticeable.

What do you guys think? Blackout Cloth or FlexiWhite?
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If you can stretch the BOC taunt enough across the Frame, and you have adequate lumen output (...no PJ model mentioned...) the BOC's lessor gain will help the perceived Black Levels more than will the positive gain-ed FlexiWhite.

But the FlexiWhite not only helps conserve / utilize all your available Lumen output, it is both lighter in weight and much more easily stretched out to be wrinkle free.

If the additional cost isn't a factor, I'd suggest FlexWhite.
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Thanks MississippiMan,

I didn't list the pj as I don't have one yet...lol.

I'm just getting started in this process. I have heard good things about the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 (refurbished for $890), or the BenQ W1070 ($890 on Amazon). Not sure if they will work well with my setup, but I've heard good things about them smile.gif
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@MM (or anyone with knowledge) -- What are your thoughts on the differences between Carl's Flexwhite and Prowhite? From the looks of the site the Prowhite has a warm (yellowish) tint? Which one would you recommend for a dedicated light controlled room? It looks like it's possible to just tack up the prowhite and put a boarder around it - am i wrong?

current setup
Optoma HD131xw ceiling mounted about 17 feet away, looking to get a 16:9 130-140 diag screen. Walls and ceiling are a medium beige color with textured plaster swirls ( I hate these walls). Room is in the basement and has no windows. Room is roughly 17x18 ft 7-7.5 foot ceilings. I can tell just from projecting on the textured wall I need darker paint on the ceiling and sides and a darker rug for the floor.

I was also looking at getting maybe a Jamestown screen/VAPEX how do they compare with Carl's screens?

If you can rank them how would you stack them up? I realize these are all low cost screen options, I'm wondering how they compare to each other or if the differences between them is to miniscule to put one decidedly in front of the others.


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I have used the 8350 for a few years now......probably close to 10k hours on it, and it has worked very well. It doesn't have the lumens of some of the newer, more expensive pjs out there so you will need to be able to control lighting in the room......but for the money its hard to beat really. I will be retiring mine in a few weeks to go with a new projector but I have been very pleased with the performance of the 8350.
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Sorry for the Holiday-inspired delay.

The Flexi-White has the better image overall.

Many do like Jamestown Screens...once they eventually receive them...which can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks at best to ??? at worst.

The ONLY advantage you'll get over a Flexi-White DIY'er when considering a Mfg Fixed Screen (..or Retractable..) in a Matte White is the "Hang -n- Shoot" aspect, and that will cost you extra, but provide no uptick in image quality.
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