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Vizio M551d-A2R vs E550i-A0

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Hey folks,
I'm very near buying a TV and have basically narrowed it down to these two, though I'm open to other suggestions in the $700-800 range. I really like the look of the M-series and its currently $979 at BJs.

My primary use will be for gaming and netflix, with blu-ray movies and TV following. I do like to watch sports - but its rare, so not a huge deal. 3D isn't really a necessity. I would like a native 120hz panel (which I believe only the M-series is) but the main concern is low input lag for gaming. Smart features are not essential either - I have a Wii U and will pick up a PS4 in November.

Any thoughts? Cheaper is better - I'm basically wondering if the ~$280 is worth it for the m-series.
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Hey there - I am also looking at these exact two TV's.

According to CNET, the M551d-A2R has significantly lower input lag than the E-series Vizio. If you go to the CNET site and look at reviews for both TVs, there is a spec sheet that gives the exact input lag times for the two.

I am looking for a TV for gaming only - I don't really care about picture quality that much, I think any TV I could buy in 2013 will fit my needs. I already have a higher end Samsung for my movie watching.
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I went with the M series. I'll post thoughts when I get it from Amazon next week.
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M series with 240Hz should be better choice for gaming. other side by side spec comparison can be found at http://www.zimbio.com/High-Definition+Television/articles/tFx9VA2qFPM/M551d+A2R+vs+E550i+A0?add=True
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How about with the new E550i-B2?
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I have the M55 i use it for gaming and TV watching and i love it, input lag is fine and PQ is great to me when gaming. The only gripe i have with the TV (mine) is i have a lot of flash lighting on this set. I am going to bring it back for the M60 but as with any LCD/LED TV its the luck of the draw on how much screen issues you will have
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