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Anthem AVM50 turns on by iteslf

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I have an Anthem AVM50 that I have had for several years. Approximately three weeks ago, it started coming on by itself. It will quickly cycle through the inputs and usually stop on DVD. If it is left on, it will repeat this process approximately every five minutes. If I then turn it off manually, it will also usually come back on and within a few minutes. When I remove power, wait for a few minutes, and then restore power, it may repeat the problem almost immediately or wait for two or three days. I have placed all my remote controls in a drawer to make sure they were not randomly causing a problem. I even taped over the remote sensor. I checked to make sure all cables were connected properly.

Anthem technical support had no suggestions other than to send in for repair. I thought I would ask this forum if anyone had experienced a similar problem.
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^ Repair is probably what it needs. Sounds like the Front Panel buttons are being sensed incorrectly.

But it may also be that the Timer settings have gotten corrupted in Setup.

So go into Setup and Save User Settings. Then Reset Factory Defaults. Then see if it still does it. If not, reload your saved user settings. If that brings the problem back, then jot down your settings, Reset Factory Defaults again, and manually reenter your settings a bit at a time to see if you can get them all entered without the problem returning. (Then Save those settings to overwrite the corrupted version previously saved.)

If no joy that way, then before you send it in, disconnect EVERYTHING. Take it to a different room (different power circuit and away from anything in your theater that might be emitting IR), connect it to JUST power there and see if it does it again. If not, then something in your theater is screwing it up, perhaps bad power, or a shorted connection screwing up power.

You could also try re-installing the firmware.

These are worth trying, but really, the odds are it needs service.
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Thanks for the reply. I have tried most of your suggestions. I have not moved it to a different room, however. I'll guess I'll try that before sending it in.

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To close the loop on this thread, I finally sent the unit back to Anthem/Proceed for repair. They replaced two components on the display board. The cost was $165US plus shipping. I guess that's not too bad. It's been working correctly for about three weeks.

I was displeased with the service department in other ways, however. I had to keep pestering customer service to get any sort of status. I was not informed when the unit was received, when it was repaired, etc. until I sent an email or made a phone call. I did get one phone call about two weeks after the repair for my payment information, but I was not home and they left a voicemail on my answering machine (but did not leave a direct phone number). I finally had to call customer service and get them to relay the payment info for me. While customer service was very responsive to my queries when I made them, it would have been nice for Anthem to have initiated the dialogue instead of vice-versa. Also, they do not have a toll free phone number. The whole repair and return process took over six weeks when it should have taken three.

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