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Cut the cord in Concord, CA

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Tv Fool signal report link: http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3d46ae8c2e42a9eb

I just moved out to this town with my wife and a new baby, so I figure what better time to cut the cord then now? The house has an existing satellite dish and cable hook up, which I will try to piggy back off of.

I'd like to receive as many channels as humanly possible, spanish speaking included (shout out to grandma for babysitting during the work week!). Most of these seem pretty easy to get, but I'd like to reach Fox in particular to catch the nfl. There are two Fox channels listed; I'd be curious to hear which y'all think I should shoot for.

I'm a little weary of buying from a non brick and mortar, but I realize my choices would be limited. All that being said, this is a fixed expense so I'm prepared to spend as much as I have to. Lay it on me, avs!
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Looks like you live between 2 markets, Oak/SF and Sacramento. And they are both about 180 degrees in the opposite direction, to the NE and SW.
Since you have terrain between you and the towers, I would put 2 separate VHF/UHF combo antennas outdoors on 1 mast, each facing opposite directions towards each respective market, combined into a joiner/combiner. You probably will need a pre-amp as well,
But as a test, I would get 1 antenna first and see what results you get from each market, and go from there.
As far as what antenna to get, the Antennacraft HBU-22 at Radio Shack would be one choice. You can easily return it if results are not good.
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I'd try this question in the S.F. OTA thread in the local forum.
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KTVU is more likely to work for you (speaking as a fellow Concord resident).
If you have a local/basic cable service connected, you can probably pick up KTVU in HD if you bypass the cable box & send the native cable signal to your TV tuner.
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I live in Martinez, in a valley and there is absolutely no OTA here. I drive up the hill to Starbucks and I can get all the Sacramento stations but no San Francisco stations with an inexpensive USB stick tuner on my laptop. There are just too many hills in the way for the Bay Area stations. But for Spanish speaking you have a unique situation where the transmitter for one of them (Univision, I think) is on Mt. Diablo. So it really depends where you live and what exposure you have to valley out to Sacramento. If well exposed you might actually get most of those channels with rabbit ears.
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