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Screen type and size

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Hi fellows: I just bought Viewsonic projector PJD7820 for my media room in the basement. I need help in selecting screen. I am leaning towards motorized/electric screen. Room has no window and can be pitch black when door is closed and with controllable lights off. The walls are painted Merlot and the ceiling is white. Here is some info about my media room:

Room is 18' long X 15' wide, ceiling is 9' high, the last /end seating row would ~ 16-17' from the screen. The ceiling mounted Projector would be ~ 10' . away from the screen. [/B]

Please advice as to what kind of screen for above mentioned projector, I should buy. Thanks a bunch. brij.
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Brij ,

This is a "DIY" screen Forum, a place where people come to determine what type of "hand Made" Screen might best suit their circumstances, and then learn how to make them.

But it would be cruel and unusual to immediately steer you toward the Mfg Screen Forum, and subject a NOOB to all that mind-numbing input. Oh No! We can numb your mind right here...thank you verrry much. wink.gif

Well Sir...you have a very bright PJ, but are limited in screen size by the selected Throw Distance.
Brightness however can always be brought under control, however size is always relative to the PJ's available Focal length.

Electric Screens often have issues with coming / remaining Flat. You should consider a Tab Tensioned variety, one that has the ability to stretch the surface taunt. You can try a non-tensioned sort, but if taking heed of what I say based on my having over a decade of experience with Screens, and having also read about the experience of countless other AVS Members, I would not advise spending any real coinage on a non-tensioned Screen

Here is a good choice of a Tensioned Screen at the lowest possible price you could find.

Other Mfg make 'em bigger...but the cost is exponentially more.

Even a "Budget Screen Source" like Visual Apex is gonna sock it to ya for any TT Screen over 100" diagonal' Example below:
(...perhaps something to note...the screen above is virtually identical to it's FocuPix counterpart, and is obviously a "Re-badged" item selling at a premium price. I hate that...last one I bought at 106" from FocuPix costs $250.00 less than the same one listed just above.. mad.gif )

Stepping up, a "Better Choice" would be a Fixed Screen, one in a High Contrast Gray.... (...don't know why you want Motorized so you get this suggestion as well ...)


Now I really like the last suggestion, and strongly advise you to consider it. It is a High Contrast Gray.....a surface your Bright 'ol PJ could really benefit from.

You will find it almost impossible to find a Electric Screen in a High Contrast Gray for under $1200.00. That is enough more than what your PJ cost to make a budget-minded individual a little sick.

I do wish I could have some other suggestions for you. But as stated above, whatever you do look for, it must adhere to what limitations your PJ's performance, your available Throw Distance, and your budget will allow / stand for.

PS...I do note that your postings on "Screens" and "PJs < 3K" didn't give you much to go on. I wouldn't go so far as to say I added too much myself, but know this...once you have us on DIY Screens on your side, one way or another....you get to where your best suited to be.
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