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Here is my problem:

I have a Control 4 Ethernet Mini Touch Screen (model # TSE-3.8C2) that is not powering up.

This screen is attached by an ethernet cable.

In my garage is a Control 4 Home Theater Controller that is plugged in.
The Power and Link lights are lit up. The data light is off. An Ethernet cable is plugged in and the other end goes to a Verizon supplied router. I'm not sure which port on the router it should be attached to. We had a recent problem with our Verizon service and this cable may have been moved.

Three wires on the back of the Controller go to a Verizon box labeled phone line connections (tip and ring).

I have a spare touch screen that doesn't power up as well. How can I troubleshoot this problem and get the touch screen to power up?

Thanks in advance.