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Help needed disabling built-in speakers (TC-50PS64)

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The darn things just keep coming back. I'm connected to a ZVOX soundbar (optical) but my internal speakers creep in when I mute the Zvox. Haven't found anything in settings to suppress the internal speakers (despite multiple careful searches) and lowering the volume manually (to zero) on the back of the set isn't a permanent solution.

Help needed!
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Unfortunately i think the ZVOX is not compatible with the 2013 Panasonic lineup due to the unique way it sincs the volume control to the TV's volume control. It works on older models where there was a setting in the menu to turn the TV's internal speakers OFF, but this setting was pretty much useless and was discontinued on the 2013 models since simply turning the TV's volume to zero works on 99.9% of other audio systems.

I have seen a few threads and posts that the TV's volume control can maybe be disabled through Viera LInk or something like that so poke around here a bit and look for them. Check the TV's manual too. There was another ZVOX owner here several months ago having the same problem, not sure if he ever found a workaround or not so search for his posts too.

Does the ZVOX have a setting to disable controlling the TV's volume? Or is there a way to program it to a different brand of TV (like a Vizio or some other brand that you don't have in the house) so it sends a different/incompatible volume command that the TV won't respond to?
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Thanks for your reply. The Viera Link settings don't seem to address the problem so I've emailed Zvox and will post their solution (or non-solution).
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No way to turn off the speakers on the 2013 Panny's - much complained about. Randy is correct about compatibility with the Zvox. Use the search function as it has been discussed but I can't remember if it was resolved.
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Received this from Zvox support:

If your cable box remote offers a programmable AUX button at the top of the remote, then what you could do program in an audio or TV code into that AUX button and then teach the ZVOX system those volume up/down/mute commands.

That way it would ignore the Panasonic TV entirely and you would not have both the TV and ZVOX system volume going up and down at the same time.

Yu can see the whole learning process at the link below. It’s done with a Verizon FiOS remote in the video but the process would be the same:


Other than that, you will have to use the ZVOX remote to control its volume.
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