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Going Larger than 120" for an Outdoor Screen Any One Sheet Solutions for Under $200?

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I realize there's polycarbonate and other plastic materials avail in 5x10' sheets...but is anyone aware of anything larger than doesn't break the bank...say ~6" x 11/12"?

I did my current frame in BOC I had around very cheap and I just know it's not going to hold up to all of the necessary moving and other lovelies that go along with an outdoor non/permanent application.

I HAVE found some positively GIGANTIC sheets on the internet (read: 110" x 185") but they are stupidly large for my 145" screen, never mind expensive.

I would think that if something decent was around at about 6' X 12" I'd have seen it in more builds by now. so I'm prolly SOL.

If that's the case, that's alright. I'll likely simply seam together (3) sheets of 1/4" AB baltic birch plywood together. I would think they're extremely stable nature and super smooth face would work splendidly. I'd only use a couple of sheets, total, at around 20lbs a piece so that's not that much weight for me.

But of course one sheet would be easier and more desirable...any ideas?

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Permanent or temp?

I made one out of a linoleum remnant from Home Depot which I use for outdoor parties. It was 9x6, so it is just big enough to make a 120" 16x9 screen. Maybe they have larger pieces for bigger screens. I painted the fabric side with Kilz's and UPW and made a frame out of pine boards. It is heavy as crap (for a screen), but worked fine. I stapled the linoleum to the top and bottom frame (1x4's) and use metal L brackets to attached the side frame (so removable). The linoleum is also attached to the side frames with removable bolts. So, when I want to store the screen, I remove the side pieces of the frame and roll it up. I did not build elaborate legs and instead attached eye bolts and use rope to stake it down. I have also hung it from trees and even used a Black and Decker Work Mate bench as the base. Warning, high winds can be an issue. :-)

The linoleum has a tendency to tear and the waves are hard to stretch out of it. But, it looks way better than I thought it would and the parts are readily available and cheep. Good fun on a summer night.

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For a Non-permanant application, using Flexi-White with Finished Edges & Grommets installed, and securing it to a Frame via protruding Screw heads would allow for the most user friendly and cost effective results....especially if one tosses in visual image quality as being sacred.

About $199.00 for the size you want, but a relative bargain since it should last through several seasons. It also accepts any of our more advanced DIY paint solutions, so it's net value increases exponentially over that of a "mere White". Carl also has a Flexi-Gray, but personally I fould it to be less satisfactory...but then again I was looking primarily for something bright & white to paint over, not a "stand alone" application...so you might have a different outlook if such avoids any painting requirements.

Also, since such a screen needs to be broken down, the Frame itself can be "Screwed" together, and "unscrewed" apart. The Flexi does not require prodigious stretching so there is little pressure on whatever Frame is constructed. And being "Stretchy", the Flexi will lose any wrinkles it might acquire during storage.

Oh yeah...Flexi's surface is very easily cleaned with Soap & Water.
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Thanks guys...if I wasn't so tied to the idea of a "finished look" (read: non-bungeed) that Carls place stuff would be perfect, and matter of fact, I could very easily see myself using it down the road in my new house for an outdoor app.

Now, I feel pretty much obligated to using my existing screen so I'm going to give the baltic birch plywood a shot. I was looking it over yday and the sides are fantastically smooth and uniform and I'm very confident I can achieve 2 excellent seams. For $60 and $35 for the frame, I think I could end up in very good shape for a 150" screen.

thanks again...

and oh, by the way, after contacting a few local sign/plastic outlets, you can forget getting a sheet of usable solid substrate this large under $300. At least in SE Wisconsin.

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Be sure to very slightly bevel the adjoining edges of the Plywood so as to create a shallow depression you can fill up with something flush to the top edges, then effectively smooth / sand out so as to "feather edge" the transition. Or...you will see the joint.

By the way, I guess you didn't note what I was describing. If you placed Screw Heads on the rear of a Frame, and stretched the Flexi around the frame, the front would have a very clean look. I was never suggesting "Bungees".

I myself was centering on your need for a "temporary" screen, as in having the ability for breaking down and storage / re-set up. Also minimizing weight.
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