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Input Switching Issue

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This morning when I switched the Denon 3808CI from the CD input to the Sat HDMI input, the output to the TV looked similar to the image below.


Sometimes if I press the SAT button on the Denon remote, allowing time for the input to completely switch, the display can become normal. Sometimes, the normal display will get messed up again like the image above.

Sometimes when the display is normal and I press the SAT button, after the display returns the entire image on the screen is normal, but for a half of a second has a pink hue.

I can also toggle the input on the TV to an analog input and then switch back to the HDMI input from the Denon and that will immediately clear up the display.

Sometimes the lower-half of the display is black and other times the lower-half looks like the above image.

I've turned off the receiver with the small power button (the main shut off not the standby) and that didn't clear the problem. I've just saved the configuration and I plan on doing a full reset.

Looks like some sort of HDMI switching problem, but it's not consistent. I'm not 100 percent certain it's the Denon, it could be the TV for all I know.

Please help.
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Sat boxes often have HDMI handshake issues with AVRs. Try powering off all devices, then power on the TV, wait a few secs, then the AVR, wait a few secs, then the Sat box. You may want to consider using a Harmony remote as an easier way to program the above to occur with the press of a single button. smile.gif
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I didn't perform the full reset, but I did turn everything off and back on. For the time being the AVR seems to be working normally. For all the years that I have owned the AVR and Sat box, that was the first time that has happened.

Thank you for your reply.
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In some instances, a firmware update to the sat/cable box has been known to introduce an HDMI handshake so check to see if your box got a recent update.
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This is a quick one month update.

At this time, everything is working fine. I checked the Sat box and it is still using the same firmware. For whatever the reason for the glitch, the problem hasn't returned since turning off the TV.

Thank you for your help, much appreciated.
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